Study Reveals Nutrients Which Can Help in Female Hair Loss

Up to 40% of People Aged 35 Have Experienced Hair LossUK hair transplant company, Fue Hair Clinics, has recently commented on the study by the American Hair Loss Association, which has determined a number of select nutrients which can create a significant improvement for women suffering with hair loss.

The study has determined that certain nutrients are beneficial to women suffering with hair loss, which affects up to 40% of women.



The nutrients evaluated in the study take into account the use on hair density, diameter and telogen percentage, with 120 women tested with either a special supplement or placebo.

In the test, 40 in the treatment group were premenopausal, and another 40 postmenopausal, and in the placebo group, 20 were pre and 20 post.

The treatment group took the special supplement which contained 460mg blackcurrant seed oil, 30mg vitamin C, 1mg lycopene, 460mg fish oil, and 5mg vitamin E.

These women in a six month window experience a reduction in telogen hair percentage, an increased in hair density and diameter, with 89.9% commented on a reduction in hair loss, 86.1% commented on an improvement in hair diameter, and 87.3% noticing an improvement in hair density.

Often commenting on industry news, a spokesperson for Fue Hair Clinics said, ‘The study should be great news for women across the world, as hair loss is a terrible thing to suffer.

Slowing down the process can help you consider your options if the hair is eventually lost, and a hair transplant is currently the most effective method for returning to days of full flowing hair, and we offer a number of services suitable for all manner of cases.

Hopefully these nutrients can be of great help to women, but for those suffering from hair loss, there is a way out of it, and we have faith your life will be back on track after one of our hair transplants.’

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