Nurse Helps American Women Keep Hair Loss a Secret

before and after womens hair loss“I began to research the occurrence of female hair loss and I discovered that eighty percent of all women will suffer some form of hair loss at some time in their life and yet most of us would be completely unaware that this could happen and when it does, we don’t talk about it,” she said.

The unique combination of being a nurse, marketing professional and entrepreneur, meant that Bambi could not ignore an issue that affected so many women.

“I started to research possible solutions and realized that someone had to come up with a simple and instant cosmetic solution for all these women,” says Bambi.

“A whole lot of soul searching went on in my mind as I battled my own self esteem issues. I knew that in order to help other women I would have to reveal my own hair loss which until now, I had kept a closely guarded secret.”

“I had tried all sorts of hair styles and thickening products and was desperately trying to hide my problem, but no matter what I did, my scalp was still visible.”

“Women are great at applying cosmetic cover-ups and I just knew I had to come up with a cosmetic cover-up for hair loss that women could just apply in seconds and then confidently get on with their day.”

What followed was a complete career change from IT and digital marketing to a challenging and yet daunting new career, helping women with hair loss.

The result is Boost n Blend®, the very first women’s hair loss concealer, developed for women by women.

“Tiny hair-like micro fibres in a range of popular hair colours shake on to clean dry hair to instantly cover up patches of thinning hair,”

“I have been inundated with emails and phone calls from deliriously happy women who tell me Boost n Blend® has changed their lives. This really is a radical break-through for millions of American women.”

“They have finally found a solution to an embarrassing problem they thought they should suffer alone and never believed they could fix.”

About Boost n Blend®

Boost n Blend® is a simple, quick and easy cosmetic cover up for women with thinning hair. It works by adding millions of tiny hair-like micro fibres to sparse hair. It instantly restores the appearance of thicker, more abundant hair and provides an instant volume and confidence boost.

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Boost n Blend® is available in nine colours to match the most popular hair shades of women and can be purchased online at