Platelet Rich Plasma to Treat Hair Loss

PRP Therapy for Effective Hair Restoration

Square Root Has Launched PRP Therapy for Effective Hair Restoration

70% people can be seen suffering from the problem of hair fall or hair loss which may lead to baldness. Ayurveda, herbs and medication may even not work to grow the hairs naturally. Square Root, One of the reputed Hair Transplant, Skin Care and Laser Clinic in Gurgaon has been offering. Combination of effective hair treatments which includes PRP Therapy, FUE & FUT hair transplantation methods. FUE & FUT treatments are effective for those who have the clear head or bald head.

Research says that almost 60% youngsters are suffering from the regular hair fall and hair loss due to unhealthy diet system, irregular lifestyle and high-stress level. Some circumstances are unavoidable yet effective treatments will surely help to restore the lost hairs.

Dermatologist at Square Root Clinic- Dr. Jyotirmay Bharti (Hair & Skin Specialist in Gurgaon) is a qualified doctor with MBBS & MD in Dermatology. She says,”Our Hairs define our true personality so one should take care of hairs as well. Neglecting the hair issues will lead to complete baldness which may ruin the personality and self-confidence thereof.”

She added,”Successful PRP Treatments has helped many of the young people to make their career in the reputed organization and to get dream life-partner by growing or restoring natural hairs.” PRP treatment is one of the simplest hair treatments with less pain and less cost. 3-4 sessions will help the patients to grow the hairs naturally.

Square Root clinic has started the organization last year only and within one year, the clinic has been offering quality services with the advanced techniques. Understanding the concept of PRP Therapy may be difficult for the common problems but the treatment is beneficiary and affordable.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment comprises four major processes including Sampling of Blood, Platelets Separation, Growth Factors & Concentration of Plasma, Injecting PRP. The results can be seen after one sitting only. Healthy Diets and right medication will surely help to make the treatment more effective.

PRP Therapy is comparatively a better and new concept of hair growth as compared to injecting the grafts which are a complicated, costly & time-consuming process. The main motive of the PRP is to restore the hairs and to avoid the situation of baldness. Square root and its team have been rendering to the Indian patients along with the international patients successfully. Testimonials speak out the genuine results received by the patients.

About Square Root

Square Root is one of the top minimal invasive hair transplant, skin care and laser clinic in Gurgaon which is rendering various Hair and skin related treatments. Hair Treatment and transplant include PRP, FUE & FUT, Body, eyelashes, eyebrows, beard & mustache. Skin treatments include the effective treatments for Acne, scars, tattoo removal, laser hair reduction, vitiligo, psoriasis, photo facial, mole removal, botox, fillers, chemical peel and other skin related issues. Square Root can be referred as one roof solutions for all the skin and hair related problems


PRP for hair restoration