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A Real Life Elf and His Hair Restoration Journey

A Real Life Elf and His Hair Restoration Journey

Luis Padron is determined to become a human elf, he recently spent thousands of dollars on hair transplant surgery to get a vampire hairline.

Since he was a child Luis idolized fantasy creatures, especially elves. Luis has been on a lifelong quest to become a fantasy creature – but he’s not done yet. Luis considers himself a Trans-species. A major key in his transition is elf hair; elves have unique vampire hairlines.

Regarding his Trans-species transformation Luis said, “Four months ago I cut my hair for this. It was a shock! I didn’t feel like myself anymore.”

 Luis posted a picture of himself on Instagram during his surgery at Beverly Hills Hair Restoration. This is when he revealed he was undergoing hair transplant surgery to give him a hairier forehead. Luis said, “Elves have long white hair right? But they also have a very specific type of hairline that I wanted to have.”

Luis goes on to say, “I have to wear a wig to feel like myself. Can you imagine having to dress a costume of yourself?”

After interviewing many surgeons Luis had his eyes set on Dr. Kahen, who was referred to him by his manager. Being an award winning hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Kahen knew he could help Luis reach his hair goal.

Dr. Kahen performed an FUT (follicular unit transfer) procedure that lowered Luis’s hairline. Luis wanted a “v shaped” hairline, so Dr. Kahen created a custom hairline for him.

To reach Luis’s goal, Dr. Kahen implanted 2,000 grafts along with a stem cell PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection.

The PRP injection will help Luis heal faster, it will reinforce the new grafts, and also reinforce existing hair follicles. Luis will begin to see hair growth in 6 months.

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