Rogaine vs Kirkland

Rogaine vs Kirkland
Rogaine Treatment for Hair loss

Rogaine has been clinically proven

Rogaine is the only FDA-approved non-prescription product proven to grow hair. In clinical studies, nine out of ten men and more than eighty per cent of women had an increase in hair count after using Rogaine compared to a placebo.

It is considered safe

Rogaine has very few side effects and no known problems when used with oral medications. You can continue as normal your hair care routine.

Fairly affordable

Rogaine helps to regrow hair for a low outcome, while surgical and laser hair transplant can cost thousands.

Simple application

It is simple to use Rogaine on a daily basis. Simply massage onto the scalp and style as normal. Use as directed daily to maintain any hair regrowth.

How to Use

Apply half a capful of Rogaine Foam twice a day to the required scalp area.

Massage well into the scalp using the fingers, then thoroughly wash the hands.

Do not use more than the recommended dosage it does not improve results.

Kirkland Minoxidil

Kirkland Signature Minoxidil Solution five per cent is an extra-strength solution that is easy to use and has shown very good results.

Using the special dropper, apply the required amount twice daily directly to the affected area.

The Minoxidil will begin to penetrate the scalp.

Men’s Rogaine’s Active Ingredient: Minoxidil Men’s Rogaine contains Minoxidil, which revitalizes hair follicles, likely causing them to shift from a dormant phase to an active growing phase.

Scientists believe that Minoxidil works by aiding the blood flow to the hair follicles in your scalp, thereby helping hair regrowth.

Rogaine no longer own the exclusive rights regarding the sale of Minoxidil in the hair loss market.

Minoxidil is also available as generic brands, so consumers have a wider choice available.

It is now possible to purchase cheaper generic versions of Minoxidil.

These products are for men only as Rogaine the original company still has the patent on the Women’s Foam Formula.

When comparing generic brands, you will see that the active ingredient is Minoxidil.

The differences between the various versions of the product are negligible.

People who use Kirkland Minoxidil often claim that it is greasier on the scalp when compared to Rogaine.

Others find that using Regaine may cause their scalp to become very dry.

Results vary for everyone, and it is simply a matter of trial and error to find the best product for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions for Rogaine

What is the difference between Rogaine Foam and the Rogaine Solution?

Men’s Rogaine and Rogaine Foam both have a 5% Minoxidil Solution.

Because it comes as a foam, it is, therefore, easier to apply.

Rogaine Foam should be massaged onto the scalp with the fingers, and Rogaine Solution uses an applicator to apply the solution to the hair.

How long will it take to see any results?

It may take up to four months for the results to be detected.

It is important that you apply twice daily using the proper dosage.

Eventually, new growth should start to appear.

How long are you required to Rogaine?

Once you have started using any Rogaine, it must be used twice a day.

If Rogaine is stopped, normal hair loss will start again, and any hair gained while on Rogaine will be lost within 3 months.

What is the most common side effect of using Rogaine?

Most reports are of scalp dryness and irritation.

What is the shelf life of Rogaine?

Shelf life for Rogaine Foam is 2 years and for Rogaine Solution 3 years.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are no major differences between the two products it will be down to personal choice as to which one will be most suitable for your own use.

Kirkland is Cheaper

Kirkland is more greasy


Rogaine vs Kirkland