Reasons that baldness is good

Save money

You can jump in the shower and not worry about finding an empty shampoo bottle, you don’t need shampoo again.

No bad hair days

Look in the mirror, nope nothing out of place, move along, nothing to see here.

No more dandruff

Yep never worry about these white flakes showing up your dad style dancing under the disco fluorescent lights, you know you do it!

Women love bald men

Well, that’s what they say and who with a bald head is going to disbelieve it.

Save more money

No more visits to the barber or hairdresser, or expensive snips and inane chatter about the weather.

Make money

Sell advertising space on your head, yes people have turned up on E-bay offering their services.

Save even more money

You will have no need to pay for hair loss products like Regaine and Propecia.

Never going grey

You will never have to worry about seeing your first grey hair appear and then quickly spread making you look older.

Save more money

No need for combs or brushes.


Reasons that baldness is good