Propecia Leads to Anxiety and Depression

Propecia packagingHumiliation, embarrassment, frustration, anger, anxiety and depression are some of the emotions described by men who are living with Propecia side effects.

These side effects don’t appear to be “short-term” as Merck, the manufacturer, indicates.

Propecia Leads to Anxiety and DepressionSam (not his real name) should be in the prime of life: he is 32 years old, blessed with good looks and health and he has a great job. But this past year has been a nightmare.


“I took Propecia regularly for about five years but stopped taking it when I learned about the association with sexual dysfunction,” says Sam. “I noticed a significant decrease in my sex drive and a significant decrease in the ability to obtain and maintain an erection.

I was too embarrassed to tell my doctor but after I had a few panic attacks, it all came out. I am now taking meds for general anxiety disorder that is a direct result of my sexual problems.”

Sam hasn’t taken Propecia for almost a year but he is still suffering from sexual side effects. And he doesn’t blame his girlfriend for leaving.

“Even though I have good support systems and a great job that isn’t stressful, I keep getting panic attacks,” says Sam, adding that he has never suffered from mental problems and there are no mental health problems in his family history.

“I can’t shake the anxiety, even with this good lifestyle. It is very humiliating to have these sexual side effects, especially at my age. If I think about my future, it’s just filled with anxiety.”

Dave also suffers from bouts of depression and anxiety that he blames on Propecia. “After reading about finasteride [Propecia] I immediately stopped taking it – I wasn’t even on it long enough to notice any hair growth,” he says. “I thought I was depressed and anxious from work-related stress and issues with my girlfriend but now I realize that may not be the case.”

Along with sexual dysfunction problems, Dave says he had a dull pain in his right side and issues with frequent urination. He had a litany of tests including x-rays and ultrasound, blood work and urinalysis and a prostrate exam. By all accounts he is in perfect health.

“I think finasteride is in some way linked to this pain and my problems in bed,” Dave says. “My sex life before starting this drug was amazing – I won’t go into detail but it was often two or three times a day, every day.

Now with my current girlfriend it’s more like once or twice a week. I finally talked to her about it and she suggested that I file a Propecia lawsuit.

I truly hope this drug hasn’t done permanent damage to my body – no amount of money can help if that is the case. It’s like a waiting game, waiting for these sexual problems to go away…”