Hair Club Debunks Three Common Hair Loss Myths

Hair Club LogoHair Club®, North America’s largest provider of proven hair restoration services, wants to dispel the most common hair loss rumors to provide a better understanding to what’s really contributing to hair loss and how it can be treated.
Unfortunately, many consumers subscribe to common misconceptions about hair loss, which may be preventing them from finding an appropriate solution.

The trained experts at Hair Club’s 100 locations have heard them all—from shampooing too often causing hair loss, to brushing hair 100 times stimulating hair growth and the three myths below:

MYTH: Only people whose parents experienced hair loss will lose their hair.

Although hair loss can be hereditary, there are several other elements attributing to hair loss besides genetic disposition. Hair loss can actually be caused by many additional factors including hormones, diseases, poor nutrition, stress, and even some medications.

MYTH: Hair loss is a male-only condition.

It’s no secret that hairloss is most commonly associated with the male aging process, but the truth is that hair loss affects women too. Over 30 million women in North America experience thinning hair and hair loss, and around 50% of all women by age 50 are affected. Hair Club has developed safe and effective treatments especially designed for women.

MYTH: Waiting until you’re completely bald or showing severe symptoms before addressing your hair loss is best.

It is never too early to treat your hair loss. In fact, handling your hair loss concerns early on, or even before they start, will provide you with the most options for prevention and treatment. However, no matter the stage of your hair loss, it’s not too late to address your hairloss and find a proven solution personalized for you.

To help consumers separate fact from fiction and get their questions answered, Hair Club is currently offering a free Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis.

During this private consultation, a trained hair restoration specialist will examine the hair and scalp under a high-power stereo microscope and recommend the best hair restoration option depending on the clients’ specific needs, expectations and budget. Schedule now at or by calling 1-888-888-8986.

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