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Surgeon Shares Three New Hair Restoration Methods

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Surgeon Shares Three New Hair Restoration Methods Patients Need To Know About

Los Angeles hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Parsa Mohebi, founder of Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration, has published a new blog designed to educate those interested in having a hair transplant about three new hair restoration methods currently available to patients.

According to Dr. Mohebi, “Almost two-thirds of men in the United States will have some degree of hair loss by the time they reach the age of 35. Thankfully, advances in hair loss treatments now allow more men than ever before to undergo a hair transplant.”

…new techniques and methods of hair transplantation are being discovered at a rapid rate. – Parsa Mohebi, MD

Dr. Mohebi says the first method is “beard to scalp hair transplantation. This method is a good solution for patients with advanced stages of hair loss as well as donor hair that is limited or of poor quality.

The hair that is transplanted to the scalp is taken from the beard of the patient. Of course, the patient must have an adequate amount of beard hair and not a sparse or limited amount of hair in the beard area.”

The second hair transplantation technique is quite similar to the beard to scalp method. Dr. Mohebi states that “body hair transplantation uses body hair instead of hair from the beard.

It should be noted that the same limitations apply so, if the patient has a sparse amount of body hair or body hair that is not of very good quality, the person might not be a good candidate for this hair transplant technique.”

The final new method of hair restoration is scalp micropigmentation (SMP). This cosmetic procedure improves the aesthetic look of the scalp through the use of dermal pigments. SMP can imitate the appearance of a head that is closely shaved or simply blend-in with the natural hair of the patient if the person desires a fuller look.

Dr. Mohebi has gathered the information about these hair restoration methods, along with videos explaining them in greater detail, and published them in the latest blog on his website.

He feels that 2017 is “a very exciting time for the field of hair transplantation because new techniques and methods of hair transplantation are being discovered at a rapid rate. Patients who were not good candidates for the surgery in the past are now able to enjoy the life changing benefits of hair restoration.”

About Dr. Parsa Mohebi:

As the first chairman of the FUE Research Committee of the International Society of Hair Restoration and creator of several methods and techniques in modern hair restoration, Dr. Mohebi, along with his staff, provides his patients with the most advanced hair restoration techniques currently available.

Dr. Mohebi has been in the forefront of new research and developing the latest technology to advance the field of hair restoration. Dr. Mohebi is a Diplomat of the American Board of Hair Restoration and a fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration.