San Francisco Bay Area Hair Loss Surgery Leader, Gorrin Surgical Announces Inclusion in Three Prestigious Local Sites

gorrin-hair-transplant Gorrin Surgical, a top-rated San Francisco Bay Area hair loss surgery center, is proud to announce inclusion in three prestigious local listing services that help people find reputable hair loss treatment centers.

With a new location in Foster City, California, the practice is excited to see increasing popularity among Bay Area clients, both men and women, suffering from hair loss.

“Nothing is more personal, and more local, than hair loss,” explained Dr. Neal Gorrin, Owner and Chief Surgeon of Gorrin Surgical. “Our relaxed clinic helps patients decide on the best hair loss treatment for them, and as a local San Francisco Bay area business we make it easier than ever for people to address significant hair loss with state-of-the-art hair loss surgery options.

Inclusion in these prestigious local listing services really helps our outreach efforts.”

Gorrin Surgical: New Listings as a Top-rated Hair Loss Clinic for San Francisco Bay Area Clients

The new listings service that now feature Gorrin Surgical are the following.

Chamber of Commerce at

N49 at

Hair Loss and Hair Loss Treatment: the Uniqueness of Dr. Neal Gorrin

The uniqueness of Gorrin Surgical is based on its commitment to helping each client identify the best hair loss treatment strategy, and its skilled surgeon, Dr. Neal Gorrin.

A hair loss treatment strategy begins with a phone, Skype, or in-office consultation with Dr. Gorrin, who evaluates the patient for hair loss.

Working with the patient, Dr. Gorrin then creates a plan for hair loss treatment, usually involving state-of-the-art hair loss surgery. Dr. Gorin has twenty years experience as a general surgeon, bariatric surgeon and, most recently, as a cosmetic surgeon specializing in hair transplant surgery.

After a career which has included performing thousands of elective and emergency surgeries, Dr. Gorrin now concentrates only on hair restoration.

He brings all of his skill as a surgeon, along with his extensive surgical experience to his hair transplant practice.

About Gorrin Surgical

Gorrin Surgical, under the leadership of top-rated California hair transplant surgeon Neal Gorrin, is one of the best facilities offering San Francisco Bay Area hair transplants.

Dr. Gorrin provides the full range of advanced hair transplant and hair restoration procedures for Bay Area residents. If one needs a hair transplant specialist, look no further for treatment of hair loss in San Francisco.

Dr. Gorrin also performs hair transplants for women, and eyebrow restoration for both sexes. Dr. Gorrin offers the most up-to-date hair transplant and robotic hair replacement options.

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