Hair Transplants in Combination with a Cell Matristem and PRP Therapy

timothy copyAtlanta’s Therapeutic Scalp and Laser Clinic in association with Hair Restoration Specialists of Atlanta is one of the only clinics in the southeast currently offering the ACell Matristem regenerative technique in conjunction with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy.

Through years of research we have found this to be the most effective method to help hair re-growth. ACell Matristem along with PRP therapy regenerates hair by activating stem cells in dormant hair follicles. Activated stem cells help hair follicles grow faster resulting in patients achieving a fuller head of hair faster than the average growth time.

So what is ACell Matristem? It is an FDA approved wound healing powder that is not a pharmaceutical or a drug, but a Medical Device sanctioned by the FDA for use in plastic and reconstructive surgery. The powder is suspended in the patient’s own PRP and injected into the scalp to help improve hair follicle stem cell function.

This stimulates the body’s own cells to reproduce new cells, a process referred to as “Auto-cloning”. Therefore, instead of the body producing scar tissue, the body heals by remodeling with new tissue. In addition, ACell provides a multitude of proteins necessary for tissue regeneration as well as a scaffold on which to reconstruct the tissue. The scaffold is only temporary and soon disappears allowing the healing and regeneration to be carried out by one’s own cells and tissue.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a procedure of hair rejuvenation where there is bio stimulation of the stem cells in the dermis using an injection technique which uses the patient’s platelet rich plasma which is extracted from their own blood. The plasma contains growth factors which have significant positive effects on hair growth. In hair transplant studies PRP has been proven to generate new hair growth and thicken existing hair as the platelets release healing proteins call growth factors.

Hair Restoration Specialists works with the principle of dissolving the ACell Matristem powder in the PRP solution to inject into the donor area of scalp where hair is being transplanted. The powder and blood serum combination acts like a hair growth accelerator to help grow and thicken hair. Patients have experienced new hair growth that could be seen as early as three months but typically evident between seven and eight months.

One of our clients, Timothy came to us concerned about his hair loss and receding hair line. After meeting with our Senior Consultant, Marshall Boyd, they devised a program plan which included the mega session FUE dense packing procedure in combination with ACell Matristem and PRP. Within several months Timothy noticed a dramatic difference in the fullness of his hair and after only six months Timothy had a full head of hair that was thick and full.

Not only is the ACell Matristem and PRP therapy treatment used in hair transplants but we also offer this combination treatment to patients who are just beginning to see hair loss or concerned about thinning hair. The treatment has also helped regrow hair in alopecia, eyebrow hypotrichosis and other hair loss cases with nonhereditary loss. We always recommend this treatment to our laser patients to help increase their final results.

Hair Restoration Specialists of Atlanta continues to be the leader in hair loss solutions. For more information or to schedule a free consultation contact us via phone (404-231-3100 or 800-241-3837), We will devise a customized treatment plan based on your unique needs.