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Hair Transplant Service Gains National Recognition

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Service Gains National Recognition

Samson Hair Restoration, a business in Beverly Hills, CA, is proud to announce that their hair service is now the best known in Los Angeles for its quality.

In fact, the hair transplant Los Angeles service is gathering attention all over the country.

For this reason, they now offer up to $600 travel reimbursement to people, or 10% discount off the entire procedure cost.

Tina from Samson Hair Restoration says: “When looking for one of the best doctors to get a hair transplant Los Angeles residents will find that they are in the right place.

Treating baldness is a very simple and easy procedure and is done by professionals performing the best techniques in the business.

Our hair transplants are done by the best doctors in Los Angeles and we have many, many happy clients.

We’re very happy to see that people are recognizing that our service is so good.”

In particular, the business has been recognized for offering the best FUE hair transplant Los Angeles has to offer. FUE, which stands for ‘follicular unit extraction’, is a procedure whereby hair is harvested from the sides and back of the head.

This is then implanted into the affected area. FUE is different from FUT, which is follicular unit transplantation.

With FUT, strips of hairs are removed. While both procedures are beneficial, FUE is believed to be the better option because it is possible to extract as many as 7,000 hairs in a day.

The clinic has been very popular with its many clients. “During my first visit with Bill as well as Tina (Team Samson) I understood there was something exceptional regarding the experience,” says Michael. “Their in-depth expertise of hair reconstruction, their friendliness, and also their overall thoughtful solution surpassed my expectations without a doubt. I have to admit, they seemed to me like family members during the expanded consultation.”

Those interested in the best hair restoration Los Angeles has to offer are encouraged to contact the clinic as soon as possible to discuss the various treatment options that are available to them.

FUE is the most popular option, but they have other treatments available as well.