Hair Transplant Center in Tunisia Now Offering Innovative Restoration Technology

Hair Transplant Center in Tunisia Now Offering Innovative Restoration Technology Now offering innovative, safe, and effective hair restoration treatments, the hair loss treatment center of Dr. Hedi Belajouza in Tunisia extends the boundaries of technology on many levels.

Perfection to the last detail — meticulous hair placement, artistic shape of the hairline, and the seamless location of the harvested follicle — are all results in exceptionally satisfied patients.

This pursuit of perfection is predominantly visible in the artistry and talent of Tunisian hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Hedi Belajouza.



Partnered with the leading medical tourism agency, the Tunisian provider has become the most advanced hair transplant clinic in Sousse — and a scientific spearhead for hair loss in men and women.

Using state-of-the-art surgical advancements in hair transplantation, the clinic offers Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), strip surgery scar repair, and eyebrow and beard transplants.

Inconceivable Hair Loss Statistics

In the U.S alone, hereditary hair loss affects approximately 30 million women and 50 million men.

Two-thirds of American men report some degree of hair loss and thinning by age 35. After the age of 50, 85 percent report a significant degree of hair thinning or hair loss.

Nearly 40 percent of women have visible hair loss by the age of 40.

Overwhelmingly inspired to help the patients represented in these statistics, Dr. Hedi Belajouza has committed his career towards the extensive study of hair restoration.

This unwavering commitment has led to the achievement of consistent, predictable and dependable results with each and every hair transplant surgery performed in Sousse.

Artistic Hair Restoration —

Dr. Hedi Belajouza believes in the importance of establishing a trusting relationship with his patients to ensure successful and satisfactory results.

He is recognized for his artistic brilliance, striking natural hair loss treatment results and high-tech hair transplant techniques. Located in one of Tunisia’s liveliest and most breathtaking cities, the hair restoration clinic in Sousse addresses a multitude of patient’s needs, including hereditary pattern baldness, scarring from burns, injuries, or cancer surgery. The clinic provides patients with:

A convenient and comfortable setting to receive hair transplant treatment

The newest, innovative technology for the treatment of hair loss

The most advanced, minimally invasive hair replacement available today

An affordable, individual treatment plan to achieve excellent results

Hair Transplantation in Tunisia —

Hair transplantation is an extremely delicate surgical process and every patient’s hair thickness, thinning location, and expectations vary. These differences are what dictate the best treatment plan for individual hair transplant surgery in Tunisia.

The dedicated hair loss provider is devoted to the art and science of hair transplantation. The entire staff is attentive, understanding and exceptionally sensitive to patients’ needs and has extensively trained and continually participates in the latest developments in the field of cosmetic hair restoration.

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