Hair Restoration Surgeon Introduces New Technology to His Practice

Hair Restoration Surgeon Introduces New Technology to His Practice

Hair Restoration Surgeon Introduces New Technology to His Practice

Dr. Joseph Yaker, founder of Texas Center for Hair Restoration, now offers the SmartGraft™ hair restoration procedure, providing patients with an exciting new breakthrough solution for hair loss.

“SmartGraft is revolutionizing minimally invasive hair restoration treatments for both men and women suffering from hair loss.

This technology offers exceptional hair vitality in less time and more efficiently than previous Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technologies and techniques,” says Dr. Yaker.

According to Dr. Yaker, FUE is quickly becoming the gold standard treatment over the traditional “strip method” because of its minimally invasive technique.

“Patients are more inclined to undergo a hair transplant knowing there is a technique that is scalpel and suture free, which allows for less pain and quicker recovery without leaving an unsightly linear scar.”

The SmartGraft method, which may be used on men and women of all hair colors and textures, blends art and science with technology to give patients the natural look they deserve.

Using the SmartGraft system, individual hair follicles are gently removed by an advanced, suction assisted hand-piece.

These follicles are then safely collected and stored in a temperature controlled, sterile holding solution. These hairs remain moist and robust, while awaiting implantation.

“Both myself, my staff, and most importantly, my patients are extremely satisfied with the procedure from start to finish. The innovations that the SmartGraft provides, allows for exceptional long-lasting results.”

About Dr. Joseph Yaker

As a hair loss specialist and hair restoration surgeon, Dr. Yaker and his team offer only the most progressive, surgical and nonsurgical customized treatments available.

He strives to provide each patient the opportunity to regain fuller, natural appearing hair so that they can live carefree and confident lives.

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