FUE Research Committee Announces Its First Multi-center Research Study

home-fourThe FUE Research Committee of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) has announced its first multi-center study, “FUE versus Strip”.

This study, that is the first of its kind at this level in the field of hair restoration, will compare the two major methods of hair transplantation by investigating how each procedure affects the survival rate of the harvested hairs in the short and long term.

The results from this distinctive study may improve the future for the field of hair restoration by providing the most efficient form of hair transplant.
Doctor Parsa Mohebi, chairman of the FUE Research Committee, explained the importance of performing the study throughout multi-centers, “The reason why this study is being performed in different centers is to increase the validity of the study by providing a large variety of patient
participants. Prior research has been performed by hair transplant surgeons on smaller sample sizes, but have demonstrated results that have been insignificant in drawing a solid conclusion.”

Doctor Parsa Mohebi’s California Centers in Beverly Hills, Encino, and Orange County will participate as one of the three centers offering the study in the United States. The other two surgeons, who are participating from the United States, are Doctor James Harris whose office is located in Denver, Colorado and Doctor Robert True whose office is located in New York, New York. The two surgeons, whose offices are located outside of the United States, Doctor Marcio Crisostomo in Fortaleza, Brazil and Doctor Kapil Dua in Ludhiana, India, will be performing this FUE Transplant Research Study as well.

It is important to perform a study with a large and diverse population and in this case the study will be using different hair transplant surgeons, in different regions, in order to generate the most universal results possible. Participating doctors may have minor differences in details regarding how they perform their procedure, but the determining variables of the study will remain the same, increasing the validity of the study.

For this FUE Transplant Study, some of the participating centers are offering a discount to interested qualified candidates. Centers are listed as follows:

1. James A. Harris, M.D., FACS Principal Investigator
The Hair Sciences Center of Colorado
Denver, Colorado

2. Marcio Crisostomo, M.D.
Ed. Harmony Medical Center
Meireles Fortaleza, Brazil

3. Kapil Dua, M.D.
A. K. Clinics
Ludhiana, India

4. Parsa Mohebi, M.D.
US Hair Restoration
9735Wilshire Blvd
Beverly Hills, California

5. Robert True, M.D.
True & Dorin, The Hair loss Doctors
New York, NY

The goal of the FUE Research Committee of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery is “to improve the quality of FUE hair transplantation by providing a better understanding of the factors involved with the viability of grafts. Some of the research projects that will be done by the FUE Research Committee focus on devices and techniques which are used in FUE procedures. Future studies for this procedure will give us a guideline as to what the best techniques and tools are to achieve the best quality of hair after transplantation.”

About FUE Research Committee

The FUE Research Committee was established by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) to improve the quality of FUE hair transplantation through better understanding the process involved and in doing so, advancing the techniques. The committee utilizes strictly professional, world-renown hair transplant surgeons to perform its studies in improving FUE hair transplantation.