Earnings for VisitandCare Hair Transplant Providers in Turkey Jumps $3.4M

hair transplant turkeyInside the sleek and modernized clinics of Turkey, the greatest hair transplant doctors in the world are offering proven and permanent solutions to hair loss for men and women.

VisitandCare.com reports earnings for these Turkish doctors jumped to $3.4M, from a year earlier.

The exclusive hair transplant centers in Turkey provide a sweeping assemblage of technology–fueled innovations — which has further progressed the hair transplant industry. The omniscience of Turkish hair loss clinics creates stunning, natural looking results — at affordable costs.

Providers of VisitandCare.com offer the following services:

Comprehensive consultations to accurately determine the type of hair loss

Honest, trustworthy guidance to find the most appropriate treatment plan

Highly qualified and internationally recognized hair loss specialists

High-tech, prominent hair loss clinics with substantial savings

Hair transplants using exclusive Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Hair transplants using Follicular Unit Transplants (FUT)

Striking eyebrow and beard hair transplants

Minimally invasive, no pain, fast recovery time

Guaranteed — natural, virtually undetectable hair transplant results

Restoring Self-Image with Flawless Results —

With steadily climbing rates, statistical proof indicates that Turkey is the sixth most visited country in the world for medical tourism, according to the Ministry of Health.

Over 30 million individuals visited the country last year alone for surgical procedures — from hair transplants and plastic surgery to cancer care and orthopedic surgery.

“We are excited to connect patients to some of the best hair loss surgeons in the world. Our Turkish providers create results that are flawless, and the detail and artistry is incredible. The future of the hair transplantation industry is bright in Turkey, and we are ecstatic that we are at the very center of it,” explained Tolga Umar, CEO and Founder of VisitandCare.com.

Hair transplant surgeons in Turkey not only explore and continually study the causes of hair loss, but also help patients through the psychological process, and provide expert diagnosis and treatment options.

Responsiveness to Hair Transplantation —

Hair restoration in Turkey, particularly in Ankara and Istanbul, consistently attracts patients traveling from Middle Eastern countries such as, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Libya, and Lebanon and regularly brings patients from the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands.

“The hair transplant industry is rapidly progressing. Within the last few years, patients traveling to Turkey are encouraged by up-to-date techniques and affordable treatments, in conveniently located clinics, which is broadening the responsiveness to hair restoration in Turkey,” stated Mr. Umar.

With hair transplant methods that are unfailingly changing the industry landscape, Turkey continues to roll out stimulating new procedures that will transform the lives of hair loss patients around the globe.

VisitandCare.com looks to help providers achieve a significant rise in revenue in 2014 — to $8M or more — reaching an annual sales target three years ahead of schedule.

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