The Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists Weighs in on Man Left Scarred After Hair Transplant

Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp SpecialistsThe Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists (, a Toronto-based organization offering hair loss treatment for over 25 years, is weighing in on the story of a man whose transplant surgery went wrong.

London, England resident Graham Ryder underwent hair transplant surgery at the age of 22 due to feeling depressed because of his baldness.




The procedure was initially thought to have been successful, but after his new hair began growing in a manner in described as “rows of carrots,” he opted for electrolysis to fix the problem.

While the electrolysis did succeed in removing the unsightly hair, it allegedly left Ryder with indentations across his skull; now age 51, those marks still remain. (Source: “Series 4 – Episode 4,” Botched Up Bodies, Channel 5 web site, January 29, 2015;

“Hearing this type of story is painful, but unfortunately, it is more common than one would think,” says Ken Robson, founder of The Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists.

“People need to be extremely careful with who they choose to perform their hair transplant surgery. It’s a decision that will affect someone for life, so anyone considering it needs to be sure they’re being affected in a positive way that will increase their confidence.”

Ryder has decided to undergo one last attempt at fixing his scalp, which he admits has affected his self-confidence. However, he has thankfully enjoyed some success with this recent round of surgery and will continue with the procedure.

“We are happy to say that we enjoy over a 99.7% success rate with our hair transplant procedures,” Robson concludes. “But in the unlikely case that the procedure doesn’t work, we would never want to leave a client scarred.

That’s why our specialists are trained extensively and are thorough in their assessment and execution of all procedures we perform.”

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