History Made With Hair Transplant Video Featuring The MAXHARVEST Hair Transplant Procedure

gI_66115_p20_tilt“I so excited to hear so many people with hair loss are watching this video,” states Dr. Bolton. “Like Ryan, in the video, my patients request as much density as I am able to provide safely, and I do my best to make them happy,” he added.

This is yet another example of how people with hair loss are demanding a procedure that delivers maximum density, a completely natural hairline, and leaves no detectable scar. Dr. Bolton and his team are working hard every day to make sure large numbers of MAXHARVEST™ procedures are video documented and posted online. Great Hair Transplants builds its impeccable brand around its results.

“I have been around the hair transplant industry my whole life and have never seen results like this!” says Steve Cook, Chief Operating Officer at Great Hair Transplants. “Dr. Bolton and the team here are providing hair loss patients a much better alternative to the conventional hair transplant procedure. The MAXHARVEST™ is setting records both in and out of the operating room. It is simply the best option available today for patients who desire density, no question,” he added.

The surgery schedule is filled ninety days in advance in both the Florida and Tennessee state of the art surgical centers. Dr. Bolton only performs the MAXHARVEST™ Procedure on one patient at a time. The company is motivated to deliver all its patients an outstanding hair transplant procedure which insures the most natural hairline, no detectable scaring, and the strongest density in the industry.

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Dr. Brett Bolton and Great Hair Transplants have been delivering outstanding hair transplant results to patients all around the world for more 16 years. The company brand includes the MAXHARVEST™, Bolton Bundles, the Bolton Whorl, and the Bolton Edge as techniques pioneered for patients of Great Hair Transplants. Examples of these techniques can be found on the company website, http://www.greathairtransplants.com.