Hair Transplants Increase by 85%, Announces Hair Transplant Institute

hair-transplant-newsHair transplants have nearly doubled since 2004, announce the surgeons and staff at the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami. Fueled by celebrity endorsements and new, innovative technologies, surgical hair restoration is enjoying an unprecedented surge in popularity.

According to reports issued by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), hair transplant procedures have seen an 85% increase worldwide.

Lead surgeons Dr. Paul Rose and Dr. Bernard Nusbaum of the Hair Transplant Institute of Miami attribute the rising popularity to a few key trends.

Widespread celebrity endorsement is one of the biggest trends behind the recent shift in perception about hair transplant surgery. In 2012, Manchester United soccer star Wayne Rooney used Twitter to tell millions of fans that he had received follicular unit extraction (FUE), a new and popular procedure.

In the United States, NFL player Wes Welker took things a step further when he shared his hair transplant experience on broadcast television, publicly endorsing the New England surgeon and clinic that helped him find a newer, more youthful hairline.

New transplant technologies have also played a significant role in making surgical hair restoration an alluring cosmetic procedure. Along with advancements in micrografting, surgeons are now able to offer robotic FUE procedures that cut follicle extraction time in half, delivering a patient experience that is faster, more comfortable, and requires less recovery time.

Most popular is the ARTAS® System, which enables surgeons to use digital imaging and advanced robotics to measure and extract donor hair with micron-level precision (app. 1/2,000th the width of a strand of hair).

Perhaps the biggest reason so many men and women feel empowered to do something about their thinning or balding hair, however, is the exceptional nature of the end result.

Hair transplant surgery now delivers results so authentic, nearly 87% of people cannot tell when a procedure has been performed.

Hair Loss Consultation:

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