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Complimentary Hair Restoration

Hair Surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi To Give Complimentary Hair Restoration

In an effort to show how easy and effective today’s hair transplants can be, renowned hair surgeon Dr. Parsa Mohebi has launched a unique Facebook contest that shows how a hair restoration procedure helps not only one’s hairline but also one’s self esteem.

Rules to enter the contest can be found here.

The deadline for the Facebook contest is March 11 at 4:00pm with the winner being announced on March 21.

Submit A Video To Enter

“The goal of our contest is to help someone in need of a hair transplant as well as show the public how easy and effective it is,” says Dr. Mohebi. “We also want to remove the stigma around hair transplants as many people still do not know what a modern hair transplant entails.”

Free Hair Transplant

To enter the contest, all one needs to do is let Dr. Mohebi know why they deserve to be awarded the hair transplant by submitting a video (5-minutes or less in length) to the Parsi Mohebi Facebook page. “Be creative, but also let us know how your life would change with the free hair transplant.

Show our judges (as well as our Facebook friends) the real difference the transplant would make in your life,” adds Dr. Mohebi.

Hair Loss Can Be Scary

According to Dr. Mohebi, people suffer as their hair loss grows. Many are scared of having “work” done on their hairline.

There are many misconceptions of hair transplants based on the outdated notions of “hair plugs.” “Modern hair transplantation is a much easier procedure,” says Dr. Mohebi. “There are now many options in terms of where hair can be taken from the body.”

Innovative Hair Restoration:

Although every patient is different, Dr. Mohebi has consistently pushed the science of hair restoration forward through many advances and innovations.

His work using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Laxometer, Serial Extraction and Placement Technique and Celebrity FUE can be seen here.

He also used the ARTAS method, which involves a robotic arm that allows for harvesting hair from patients with male patterned baldness.

Patients who receive the ARTAS FUE procedure can usually resume normal activities the day after the procedure.

About Parsa Mohebi:

Dr. Parsa Mohebi is an internationally recognized hair transplant surgeon known for his achievements in advancing modern hair restoration.

He is well known for his individualized approach to each and every one of his patients, who are impressed by his superior technique and artistic sensibility. His state of the art precision creates natural looking hairlines that complement his patients’ age and facial features. What Dr. Mohebi finds most gratifying are the long term relationships he forms with his patients, who show amazing progress in their personal and professional lives. The doctor has offices in both Beverly Hills and Encino, California.

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