Hair Replacement Goes Mobile

farrell hair appFarrell Hair Replacement in conjunction with 981 Media is excited to announce the immediate availability of a major update to their mobile phone app for Android devices.

Millions of people suffer from hair loss and while there is a plethora of information on the subject found online, trying to digest that information on a mobile device can be difficult.

Realizing this problem, Farrell Hair Replacement wanted to create a solution that could educate viewers on hair loss and solutions in an easy to use mobile app.

The app includes photo galleries, educational material and streaming videos that shows viewers the successful approach Farrell has created to ending hair loss.

Version 1.0 received such great feedback from clients and users that they wanted to update the app with some awesome new feature and upgrades.

The new update adds the following features:

The addition of new client photos with increased resolution so viewers can zoom in very close to see the different hair systems and hair styles available.

The video gallery is upgraded with new additions and completely re designed interface so all videos stream in HD.

The fall 2014 Farrell Hair worldwide tour schedule is now included in the calendar so viewers can see when Farrell Hair Replacement will be in their area for consultations.

The user interface or UI was completely redesign to give the app a modern look.

“Along with all of these upgrades and some coding tweaks make the app run faster and provide a much better experience for the user,” said Richard Farrell, founder of Farrell Hair Replacement.

In order to accomplish the new design and additions to the app, Farrell Hair Replacement chose 981 Media to help in coding and creating the design for the app. 981 Media also produced all of the new HD videos that viewers will see in the app.

An update to the Iphone and Ipad app is in the works and will be released in the next few weeks.

About Farrell Hair

Farrell Hair is a leading provider of customized hair systems. Farrell Hair’s goal is to change people’s lives by providing them with their dream hair systems. This hair system company is trusted by celebrities and non-celebrities all over the world for its quality and affordability.

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