Wigs.com and Breastcancer.org Partner to Educate & Empower Women with Breast Cancer

Wigs.com and Breastcancer.org Partner to Educate & Empower Women with Breast Cancer

Wigs.com and Breastcancer.org Partner to Educate & Empower Women with Breast Cancer

Wigs.com one of the largest online hair and wigs retailers in the world has announced today it has joined together in a three-year partnership with Breastcancer.org, a nonprofit organization with the mission of providing the most reliable, complete, and up-to-date information about breast cancer and breast health.

With a common goal to educate and help people who are going through breast cancer, the partnership is worth over $100,000.00 in donations.

“We’ve been helping women look and feel great for over 20 years. Teaming up with Breastcancer.org is a wonderful way for us to continue our mission to educate and restore self-esteem and confidence in women,” said Carliz Sotelo Moore, CEO and Co-founder of Wigs.com.

The Breastcancer.org community of people with breast cancer will have access to Wigs.com experts as well as hair loss education including videos and content available on Breastcancer.org’s website.

They’ll benefit from a large database of affordable wig collections that are not only realistic, but also include some beautiful styles that are specifically made for patients going through chemotherapy and hair loss.

Wigs.com will also make purchasing a new wig on its website a little easier by offering 10% off through a special coupon, BC10, which can be applied during checkout https://www.wigs.com/.

For each purchase, Wigs.com will donate 10% of that purchase to Breastcancer.org.

“Together with Wigs.com, we can empower women with the confidence, clarity and knowledge they need to make informed health decisions and to live their best lives,” said Marisa Weiss, M.D., Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Breastcancer.org.

“Going through breast cancer is one of the most challenging times, which is why we feel passionate about helping women and making their lives a little easier,” adds Dr. Weiss.

For more information, you can visit Breastcancer.org and Wigs.com.

About Wigs.com

For more than 20 years, Wigs.com ‘The Wig Experts’ have been committed to helping clients find the best wigs, hairpieces and extensions. Whether new to wearable hair or not, Wigs.com offers practical tips and guides to help make the right choices.

With a team of experts in the alternative hair industry, Wigs.com offers the best selection of brands and styles. Wigs, hair pieces and hair extensions have the power to make the wearer feel confident, beautiful and empowered to face the world.

About Carliz Sotelo Moore

Carliz Sotelo Moore co-founded Wigs.com in 1999. After working hard to create one of the most popular wig websites in the world from the ground up Carliz and her team turned their focus on education and helping people find their beautiful both inside and out!

She has been a wig wearer and passionate advocate of wearable hair for every woman. Hailed as one of the top wig experts in the industry, Carliz’s passion and mission is to provide a convenient, supportive, and educational platform for those who are affected by hair loss or looking to feel better about their hair. She has a desire to help women in their journey to wearing and learning about alternative hair.

About Breastcancer.org

Breastcancer.org is a patient-centric resource for breast health and breast cancer information and support. We engage, educate, and empower women with our expert information and dynamic peer support community to help them make the best decisions for their lives.

The nonprofit organization was founded by breast oncologist Marisa C. Weiss, M.D. and born out of her conviction that women with breast cancer need more information and support than a physician visit can provide. Breastcancer.org receives more than 23 million visits each year. For more information about Breastcancer.org, please visit http://www.Breastcancer.org.

About Marisa C. Weiss, M.D.

Marisa C. Weiss, M.D. is Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Breastcancer.org, the world’s most utilized resource for expert medical and personal information on breast health and breast cancer — reaching 134 million people globally since 2000.

Dr. Weiss currently practices at Lankenau Medical Center where she serves as Director of Breast Radiation Oncology and Director of Breast Health Outreach. A breast oncologist with more than 30 years of active practice in the Philadelphia region, Dr. Weiss is regarded as a visionary advocate for her innovative and steadfast approach to informing and empowering individuals to protect their breast health and overcome the challenges of breast cancer.

Wigs.com and Breastcancer.org Partner to Educate & Empower Women with Breast Cancer


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