Up to 40 per cent of People Aged 35 Have Experienced Hair Loss

Up to 40% of People Aged 35 Have Experienced Hair LossA recent study has shown that hair loss is not uncommon or necessarily determined exclusively by older age.

More than 40% of people aged around 35 and 65% over 60 experience issues with hair loss according to Purple Revolver, a contemporary cultural reporter.

This has led to reflection from leaders in hair restoration and transplant, FUE Hair Clinics.



These statistics highlight welcome and necessary attention being placed around the loss of hair at ages typically deemed ‘younger’.

It suggests that hair loss can be a feature of middle age and even earlier, as well as not just a male condition – as is often inferred from the term ‘people’.

Although the study showed that at least 40% of men are experiencing hair loss by the age of 30, it can also implicate women.

Furthermore, the findings highlighted that not only does hair loss potentially affect a much greater extent of the population than first thought, but also that hair transplants are a rising alternative so people can still celebrate their own hair.

Some may typically regard hair transplants as expensive, or exclusively as a last resort. Yet these statistics successfully challenge these assumptions, in light of the fact 19.3% of procedures were done on those aged 20-29, and 30.4% on those aged from 30-39; this means that nearly half of all hair transplants were carried out on people under 40.

This further highlighting that it is a popular, successful and secure option even for those younger people suffering from hair loss.

FUE hair clinics are experienced providers of hair transplants and frequent commentators within the industry. “These statistics highlight that hair loss is a common problem, affecting many,” a spokesperson from Fue stated.

“What they also highlight is that a hair transplant is a contemporary and ultimately credible way of dealing with it. We would urge any person, whatever their age, to consider a hair transplant if they are concerned about hair loss.

Age doesn’t have to be a barrier and what ultimately matters is that clients are provided with brilliant results and a long-term effective method of dealing with a common problem.”

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