Top Foods for Healthy Hair

Top Foods for Healthy Hair

Top Foods for Healthy Hair…and What Foods Wreak Havoc

While there are many possible causes for hair loss (stress, environment, health, etc.), most people don’t realize that what they eat can affect their hair. Research has shown that a lack of nutrients can lead to hair loss, not to mention slower growing and dull hair.

Forty-seven percent of people have experienced thinning hair, but only 17% have taken measures to treat it. Which is worse? Almost half of those asked believed there was nothing they could do to stop the thinning.

Recently, Maria Marlowe, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, teamed with NIOXIN and YourUpdateTV to discuss how diet plays an important role in hair health.

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Research shows that a lack of certain nutrients, such as biotin, zinc and iron can lead to hair loss and slower growing, dull hair. When adequate nutrients are consumed, hair is shiny, thick, strong and grows quickly. Here are some tips:

What to Avoid:

Sugar may taste good but, unfortunately, causes havoc on hair and skin. It can cause inflammation which can lead to acne breakouts and even hair thinning. High -glycaemic foods such as bread, pasta and other refined carbohydrates also spike blood sugar and will have a similar hair thinning effect. High levels of mercury in the body from consuming too much-contaminated fish can cause brittle nails and thinning hair.

Top Foods to Eat:

The top foods that are good for hair health are those that are rich in nutrients known to support healthy hair, such as biotin and other B Vitamins, iron, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

The top 5 foods that help combat thinning hair include beans, lentils, eggs (whole eggs, not just whites), seeds (pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds), and avocado. It’s best to make healthy snack choices such as hummus with veggie sticks. Hummus is made from chickpeas and tahini (sesame seed paste) and is high in protein, iron and zinc. Pair it with carrot sticks for biotin and you have three hair-supporting nutrients in one snack. Bonus – this is a fiber-filled snack, which will fill you up and aid in digestion.

How Supplements Can Help:

While we can (and should!) be eating foods with these nutrients regularly, sometimes we do not eat as healthy as we would like. Supplements are a great way to help us reach our nutrient needs. NIOXIN Recharging ComplexTM provides biotin, zinc and iron, plus 14 other nutrients that support healthy hair growth. Remember, hair is growing from inside our body, and the nutrients we get from food and supplements provide the building blocks for our hair growth. It is important to nourish both the inside (through what we eat) and outside (by what we put on our hair and scalp).

More Information

NIOXIN’s Recharging ComplexTM supplements can be found at authorized retailers such as The supplement works most effectively when combined with NIOXIN’s 3-Part System Kit that cleanses, optimizes and treats the hair and scalp externally.

About Maria Marlowe

Maria Marlowe is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who uses real food to help her clients improve their health, weight, and skin. She develops quick, easy, and delicious healthy recipes for her popular website, and for brands and media outlets. She is the author of The Real Food Grocery Guide, which has been dubbed the most practical guide to healthy eating and has received praise from InStyle and Dr. Oz magazine. Maria has been featured in The New York Times, Vogue, Self, Marie Claire, and more. For delicious healthy recipes, downloadable meal plans, and actionable wellness tips, head to


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Top Foods for Healthy Hair