Theorie Hair Care Launches Sage Product Line

Theorie Hair Care Launches Sage Product Line

Theorie Hair Care Launches Sage Product Line in Canadian Retailers

Luxurious shampoos and conditioners offer advanced formulas with botanical benefits

The newly launched Theorie Sage hair care line makes its debut in Canada at four popular mainstream retailers, including Metro, Rexall Drugs, Uniprix, and JeanCoutu. This new, benefit-driven line of eight aromatic shampoo and conditioner collections offers highly concentrated blends that merge the best of natural and lab-formulated ingredients.

Botanical extracts are combined with Theorie’s signature Amino Complex and keratin protein to nourish a wide range of hair types and provide targeted hair care solutions, such as hydrating, glossing, detoxifying, smoothing and more. Consumers can cocktail the colorful range of products to best suit their varied individual hair needs.

“Theorie Sage presents a line of shampoos and conditioners that everyone—no matter what your hair looks like or what condition it is in—can use on a daily basis,” says Shana King, VP of business development and retail strategy for Theorie. “These luxurious looking, smelling and feeling Sage hair care products allow you to mix and match them based on your changing and seasonal hair care requirements.”

All Theorie Sage products incorporate an Amino Complex, an exclusive blend of nutrient-rich essential amino acids that help to rebuild and strengthen hair along with keratin protein. During shampooing and conditioning, the complex bonds to your strands, refilling lost moisture and boosting protein inside weak hair fibers, which may be damaged due to sun exposure, environmental pollution or chemical treatments.

Layering more hair benefits on top of this effective complex are botanical extracts that target specific hair conditions, such as product buildup or over-processed locks. Additionally, Theorie Sage products are safe for color- and keratin-treated hair and are free of parabens and phthalates.

The Theorie Sage product line provides an elevated sensorial experience in the shower in every way. Its beautiful scents have been meticulously developed; the shampoos work up a pleasing lather and the sumptuous conditioners leave strands soft and nourished. Visually, the polished bottles with labels in a gorgeous spectrum of hues are designed to look stunning in your shower or on your countertop. Each collection shares the same colorway, with the conditioner label featuring a slightly lighter version in order to easily differentiate between the two. The thoughtful pump delivery system curves at the end so that every drop of the product can be used.

Below is an overview of Theorie Sage collections now available at Canadian retailers. The shampoos and conditioners from different collections can be married together to make them #YourTheorie.

Amber Rose Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner refreshes and recharges dry to normal tresses with an irresistibly-smelling formula. Key botanicals: rose flower extract and sage essential oil

Argan & Moringa Restoring Shampoo and Conditioner revives and nurtures severely damaged hair. Key botanicals: argan, moringa, frankincense and grape-seed oils

Green Tea & Bamboo Energizing Shampoo and Conditioner invigorates and strengthens damaged, dull hair. Key botanicals: green tea extract, bamboo extract, ginkgo biloba, sage essential oil and grape-seed oil

Charcoal & Bamboo Detoxifying Shampoo and Conditioner purifies, removing excess oil and product buildup and restoring shine to all hair types. Key botanicals: binchō-tan white charcoal, bamboo extract, sesame oil and sage essential oil

Marula & Seaberry Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner is a frizz-taming formula that smooths strands and adds gloss. Key botanicals: marula oil and seaberry oil and grape-seed oil
Helichrysum & Plum Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner targets dry, brittle, over-processed hair with a highly moisturizing formula. Key botanicals: helichrysum extract, plum-seed oil, ginkgo biloba leaf extract and grape-seed oil

Monoi & Buriti Oil Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect for coarse and dry hair, delivering hydration and shine. Key botanicals: monoi, buriti, sage, coconut and grape-seed oils

Purple Sage Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner balances and tones blonde, silver and highlighted hair, eliminating brassy hues. Key botanicals: purple sage oil, butterfly pea flower extract, ginkgo biloba leaf extract and grape-seed oil

Theorie Sage shampoos and conditioners retail for $16.99 each (400 mL), and are available at mass market retailers in Canada, including Metro, Rexall Drugs, Uniprix and JeanCoutu, as well as online at

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Theorie Hair Care Launches Sage Product Line in Canadian Retailers