Stopping The Pill Triggers Hair Loss for Woman Already Suffering from Hair Thinning

hair-loss-and-the-pillSandy’s journey to Hair Loss Treatments included a long history of sinus and polyps treated by prescription medication and surgery to ease the painful symptoms. Sandy had also been prescribed ‘the pill’.

The Starting or stopping of any prescription medication can cause changes in the body and result in diffuse hair loss or interrupt the hair cycle.

Prescription medications introduce something to the body for a period of time which can create balance or imbalance depending on the reason for the medication.

When the medication is then taken away from the body, balance or imbalance can be created again.

Sandy stopped the pill recently which triggered diffuse hair loss adding to her hair thinning. Microscopic Diagnosis by Trichologist Carolyn Evans I.A.T. at Absolique Hair Health Clinic found:

Recent Diffuse Hair Loss from stopping ‘the pill’

Past Diffuse Hair Loss from long term need for prescription medications

Interrupted Hair Cycle and dormant hair follicles

Female Pattern Thinning from dihydrotestosterone (DHT) triggered by hereditary, hormonal and environmental factors and exposed by diffuse hair loss

Oily Scalp from overactive sebaceous glands attached to empty follicles and thinning hairs

Hair Loss Treatments program designed for Sandy included 12 x In Clinic Hair Loss Treatments for the hair cycle in conjunction with HomeCare focused on DHT with nutritional therapy for the immune system, cellular correction and returning body balance.

Sandy said “Five Hair Loss Treatments in and more new hair growth noticed during the treatment! Can’t believe it’s working so fast and that results are already showing. The best decision I’ve made in a long time was to trust Carolyn and her belief that my hair loss was treatable”.

Sandy’s journey tells a story that many women are experiencing but don’t know where to turn. Medications are an essential part of modern day living and there is help with the side effects such as hair loss and hair thinning through natural hair loss treatments.

For more information contact Carolyn Evans Trichologist at Absolique Hair Health Clinic Phone (07) 3229 3242