Stop & ReGrow Technologies Gets Personal

Stop & ReGrow Technologies Gets Personal

Stop & ReGrow Technologies Gets Personal . . . to Treat Thin Hair, Thus Preventing Hereditary Hairloss

After fully understanding the multifactorial genetic and sensitive interconnected relationships, the root cause of thinning hair or receding hairline has been found to be related to both an overactive enzyme caused by a small DNA chemical glitch inherited by 50% of men and a lack of follicular nutrient growth factors.

Stop & ReGrow’s combinaion approach of restoring balance is the complete solution.   

Best results occur with Early identification, which begins with your barber or stylist.  Stop & ReGrow (S&R) has recently launched HairScience.

See your future Educational Seminars in local Southern California Salons and Barbershops to educate barbers and stylists how to identify early stages of treatable Nettles Thin Hair Patterns.

“The hard part was solving the puzzle of hairloss,” says Sabrina Vallejos, S&R CFO, “Now we need to educate potential patients, physicians and stylists.

Chief Medical Officer and Beverly Hills renowned Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Robert Nettles challenges anyone to PROVE that his program will not work for them, “If a client comes to me with Nettles Pattern 0-50 and treatable hormone levels, I’ll stop their hairloss within 3 months and ReGrow their damaged thin hair within 6 months,” states Dr. Nettles.

Stop & ReGrow also offers a compliance guarantee:

Stop and ReGrow LLC, founded in 2012, provides a revolutionary new solution to hereditary hair loss.

Created by Dr. Robert Nettles MD, the Stop and ReGrow solution is comprised of FDA approved active ingredients in a customized formula based on your personal hair loss genetics and biology.

It is the only solution on the market proven to both stop hair loss and then regrow your own hair healthy, long and strong, naturally

Dr. Robert Nettles is a renowned hair restoration expert and was even a contributor in the development of the Advanced High Density MICROscopic single hair transplant procedure. As a practicing cosmetic surgeon, he also pioneered the non-surgical rhinoplasty and has a special interest in the field of developing non-surgical solutions to cosmetic problems which have previously been addressed only via surgical means.