SkyHigh Lashes by Kalisi Offers Natural Solutions to Scant Lashes and Brows

SkyHigh Lashes by Kalisi Offers Natural Solutions to Scant Lashes and BrowsKalisi Cosmetics, a thriving new beauty company with a passion for natural beauty products, is pleased to offer its new lash serum, SkyHigh Lashes, as a breakthrough solution that can help people suffering from excessive falling eyelashes and thinning eyebrows.




The company says they’d like to help these people gain back their confidence with natural solutions to lash loss.

They report that people with medical conditions like Alopecia are especially vulnerable to low self esteem because hair is associated with being more attractive and youthful.

Kalisi is glad that their product has been getting rave reviews on Amazon, and has been helping a lot of people grow back lost lashes and brows within record time, without the benefit of a prescription.

Rachel Levy, company CEO comments, “People are satisfied with SkyHigh Lashes because they are looking for more organic solutions to their lash problems.

Our eyelash serum can help people who are not happy with what they’ve been born with, or if they have recently experienced excessive hair fallout due to accidental pulling with eyelash tools, or if they have hair loss due to a medical condition. Not everyone can afford or maintain a lash solution that’s too expensive or requires a prescription.”

The company says they provide a price friendly but effective alternative that uses plant based extracts to restore and boost the body’s own natural lash growth cycle.

Kalisi reveals that the normal eyelash growth takes 30 – 45 days. “There’s 3 stages: the growing phase, the phase where they stop, and the resting stage.

Normal fallout happens after that and the cycle begins again.

We recommend a diet rich in Vit. E, along with good food like fruits and veggies so you can grow healthier lashes. ”, Levy adds. The company says it’s not advisable to rely on prescription grade eyelash products because some consumers have reported feeling “sunburned” on the eyelid area after only a month of use. They suggest using more natural means to keep lashes longer.

SkyHigh Lashes by Kalisi is now available for purchase at Amazon in convenient 3mL bottles. They come with an exclusive free gift of Kalisi eyelashes.

Every purchase includes a handy applicator. Product can also be used to improve eyebrow volume. Directions for use: Apply once a day before bedtime.

Be sure to remove all traces of eye makeup and mascara before applying this lash serum product. Can also be used as a primer under mascara for evening looks, but must be allowed to dry first.

ABOUT Kalisi:

Kalisi Cosmetics is a thriving new cosmetic company startup committed to bringing beautiful results with organic sustainable materials. Their motto is “All Natural Beauty Done the All Natural Way.”