Shock Hair Loss Revelation by American Dermatologist – Nothing regenerates hair follicles

hair-loss-treatmentsShock Hair Loss Revelation by American Dermatologist: Nothing regenerates hair follicles

According to Dr George Cotsarelis, chairman of the department of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, well known for his research for stimulating hair growth, there is nothing available today that can regenerate hair.

“This is no doubt a surprise to all the women (and men) out there who are relying on pills and potions that promise to bring back those missing follicles” says Bambi Staveley Sydney hair loss expert, trained nurse and director of Balance Hair Technology.

Cotsarelis has been working with stem-cell research since 2004 to stimulate new hair growth in mice and is quoted in the Palm Beach Daily News this week with the shock revelation that nothing exists yet to regenerate hair follicles and it could be years before his hair-growth therapy is available.

“He’s the guru and if he says there is nothing, then there is nothing,” says Mrs Staveley.

“When my hair began to fall out, I was under the impression that all I had to do was find the right product and it would all be back in no time” she said.

This reality has not been well known or understood, especially by the 50 percent of women who suffer from some form of hair loss.

“Finasteride, the main ingredient in some pills currently used to treat hair loss in men has been clearly contraindicated for use in women and I am glad to see Dr Cotsarelis emphasising this advice,” said Mrs Staveley.

Dr Cotsarelis further explained that some doctors are still prescribing Finasteride for women, despite the fact it was initially used to treat enlarged prostate in men and women have largely been advised against its use.

“Until Dr Costarelis or his peers discover the elixir to hair regrowth the best thing women can do is thicken their hair with an instant shake on micro-fibre product” said Mrs Staveley.

Boost n Blend® is the first micro-fibre product developed by women, for women. It is a simple, quick and easy cosmetic cover up for women with thinning hair. Simply shaking it on adds millions of tiny hair-like micro-fibres to sparse hair.

“It instantly restores the appearance of thicker, more abundant hair and provides an instant volume and confidence boost,” Mrs Staveley said.

“So while there is nothing yet that can guarantee a new head of hair, at least we can offer women the ability to hide their hair loss from the world,” she said.

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