Second Annual Women’s Hair Loss Seminar

Kayla-Martell-hair-lossKayla Martell, 2011 Miss America Finalist, will be returning to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, as guest speaker at the Second Annual Women’s Hair Loss Seminar on Tuesday, March 25, 2014, 6:30 – 8:30pm. Additional speakers will be nationally recognized hair loss experts, Rhonda McCarthy from Ft Lauderdale, FL and Flora Fuentes from NYC.

This event will be hosted by Mel Laudolff, President of Transitions of Wisconsin. For more information and reservations, go to

Kayla Martell lost her hair at age 11 due to Alopecia, but went on to fulfill her life dream of being Miss Delaware and a finalist in Miss America Pageant.

Kayla will share her challenging story of being a bald teenager and building her self-esteem with her Mother’s help.

Then continuing on to compete without hair for Miss Delaware and later finding her hair loss solution and winning the crown. She jokingly speaks about needing hair to pin on the crown.
More than thirty million women in the USA have some noticeable level of hair loss. Women’s hair loss is far more complex than men’s, with many more reasons often tied to hormones, nutritional deficiencies, medical treatments, Trichotillomania, or genetics. Most woman do not know where to go or who to trust in solving their hair loss.

Kayla Martell shares “When you take the diagnosis, medicine and patient stigmas away, every woman still wants to feel feminine and look beautiful.” Today Kayla is on a personal mission and very committed to helping woman with any stage of hair loss to find the best solution for their individual needs. She is touring the US in hopes of connecting women in need with the most reputable hair loss studio in each market.

Rhonda McCarthy adds, “Woman experiencing thinning or hair loss tend to have no idea how common an experience and think they are all alone; concerned that they have done something to cause their problem. For this reason, we have established the Women’s Hair Loss Seminars and are touring the US to provide education on what are the causes and affordable solutions.

This is our second year, and have had tremendous feedback from women throughout the US. They love the sharing of experiences and knowing their options.”

Transitions of Wisconsin was founded in 1965 by Mel Laudolff, the company’s President. As a leader in the hair loss industry, Mel was the recipient of The American Hair Loss Council’s highest award and the only Wisconsin hair restoration company to be included in the 2000 “Best of the Best” according to Prime Time Business Institute.

To achieve such high ranking, Mel has traveled throughout the US, Canada, Europe and Asia to attend advanced educational events. He is past president of Transitions International, the largest group of hair restoration specialists worldwide and is a certified hair hygienist, having trained at Ross Hair Institute in Quebec, Canada.

“The Women’s Hair Loss Seminar is a great way of connecting women with thinning or hair loss to other women who can share their experiences and provide valuable information for affordable solutions. All our services are customized to the needs of each individual.”

Women attending will receive a free hair and scalp analysis during their confidential consultation. Refreshments will be served. This Milwaukee event will be hosted at Transitions of Wisconsin at 2900 North 117th Street, Milwaukee, WI. 53222.

March 25th Hair Loss Seminar Registration: To register for this FREE event and for more information, call Transitions of Wisconsin at 262-342-3002, email TransitionsWI(at)2900place(dot)com or go to You may also call Rhonda McCarthy at 800-327-5555 EXT: 3340.