Revolutionary Lotus 39 Hair Loss Treatment Debuts on Amazon

Revolutionary Lotus 39 Hair Loss Treatment Debuts on Amazon

Revolutionary Lotus 39 Hair Loss Treatment Debuts on Amazon

Hair loss is a problem experienced by millions of men and women around the world. Until now, the only treatments have been painful surgery, expensive hair extensions, or prescription medications with dubious side effects. Scientist, inventor and CEO of Valentino de Salva, Ioan Valentin, has remedied that situation with the launch of Lotus 39, an innovative and effective all-natural hair loss treatment.

“We offer a real product that gets results and without any side effects,” said Valentin. “We engineered this product to work and did extensive testing to prove it.”

Lotus 39, which is easy to apply, takes an entirely different approach to hair loss. Rather than addressing it as a specific problem, the treatment restores the hair and scalp to a healthy condition with the nutrients needed for hair retention. The formula which is now available on Amazon, nourishes and improves the look, feel and strength of existing hair.

Revolutionary Lotus 39 Hair Loss Treatment Debuts on Amazon

The proprietary formula is the result of 39 years of extensive research and testing for efficacy in subjects age 18-79. Lotus 39 has been tested in premiere salons across the U.S. and demonstrated visible results in trials over the course of 12 weeks. It has no sexually-related side effects common with other products.

Lotus 39 contains 100 percent all-natural growth-promoting botanicals combined with advanced scientific technology that’s appropriate for people of any ethnicity. It’s been designed with a pleasing fragrance and no hint of offensive or medicinal odors to alert others that a hair loss treatment is being used.

Hair loss doesn’t just affect a person’s appearance. It has a distinctive emotional and psychological impact on their life, robbing them of their confidence and self-image. Baldness and thinning hair affects how people perceive themselves and influences the way others see them. Lotus 39 is helping to change that.

The expanded availability of Lotus 39 on Amazon provides men and women everywhere with an innovative and easy-to-use hair loss treatment. Lotus 39 uses only natural botanicals and pairs them with sophisticated scientific technology for a hair loss treatment that maximizes results.

About Lotus 39

After 39 years of research trials and a passion for natural skin and hair care, Valentino de Salva now presents Lotus 39 – the first-of-its-kind natural hair and scalp rejuvenation formula. Lotus 39 is formulated using the purest all-natural ingredients which are key to unlocking its potential and it provides hair and scalp with the specific compounds needed for healthy looking, natural, and full-bodied hair.