RepliCel Life Sciences Selected to Present at Cavendish Global Health Impact Forum

LOGO_REPLICEL suite_2cRepliCel Life Sciences a clinical stage regenerative medicine company focused on the development of autologous cell therapies, announced today it has been selected to present at the Cavendish Global Health Impact Forum taking place May 10-14 in La Jolla, California.

David Hall, RepliCel’s CEO, will present at 11:15 AM on Wednesday, May 13th at the Scripps Research Institute.


The Cavendish Impact Forums are hosted by prominent institutions around the world and take place three times each year.  The upcoming Cavendish Global Health Impact Forum, in La Jolla, California, is being co-hosted by the University of California San Diego, the J. Craig Venter Institute, the Scripps Research Institute, the Institute of the Americas, the Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, and the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine.

The mission of the Cavendish Impact Forums is to assist family offices and foundations develop and implement their individual pro-social impact investing, grant-giving, and philanthropy programs within healthcare and life sciences.  To accomplish this mission, the Forum showcases presentations and panel discussions by leading research institutions, accomplished healthcare delivery professionals, health-policy experts and private-sector companies engaged in developing innovations with the potential for transformational impact on disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Michael Moffat, Cavendish co-founder and Chief Executive Officer explains, “The theme of our La Jolla, California Forum is a ‘Celebration of philanthropy, impact investing and innovation that is changing the world’.  “With the help of our expert advisors, we conduct a global search of research institutions and private-sector companies in order to identify organizations that meet the required standard of excellence and potential for transformational impact.

The technology and clinical work of RepliCel Life Sciences has caught our attention as a very promising company in the cell therapy sector with the potential to provide cures for conditions which are inadequately addressed by current treatments.

There are physical, emotional, social and professional consequences tied to the loss of physical function caused by chronic tendinosis of the ankle, knee, elbow or shoulder as well as the premature loss of hair for men and women with androgenetic alopecia.

We are excited about RepliCel’s clinical data, technology, plans, partnership model, and the potential to transform the way people function and feel as they age.  We are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce them to our global network.”

“We are honored to be selected to present at this unique event and commend Cavendish for its recognition of the advancements being made in regenerative medicine.  Our innovative approach, which uses specific cell populations isolated from a patient’s own hair follicles provides a unique and minimally invasive cell source to treat a variety of conditions often associated with aging and/or a deficit of the healthy cells required for healing.

We have three unique products being tested in clinical trials in 2015 including a product for pattern hair loss, chronic Achilles tendinosis and UV-damaged and aged skin –  conditions that affect millions of people around the world,” said David Hall, CEO and President of RepliCel Life Sciences Inc.  “We welcome the chance to interact with many of the world’s most accomplished scientists, thought-leaders and generous philanthropic individuals and families who are all dedicated to the common cause of improving the health and lives of people around the world.”

Cavendish Global consists of leading family offices and foundations from around the world with combined assets of over $190 billion who share a passion for pro-social endeavors within health and the life sciences.

The Cavendish Global Health Impact Forum provides family offices with a discrete, peer-to-peer knowledge expansion and relationship building environment, combined with the information and educational resources required by foundations actively seeking to accelerate technological innovation and health access through sustainable philanthropy, grant-making and impact investing.

The Forum is also an opportunity for family offices to champion and share information on projects and organizations, which they are passionate about with other family offices from around the world.

About Cavendish Global
Cavendish Global provides family offices and their foundations with a discrete, peer-to-peer knowledge expansion and relationship building environment, combined with the innovative resources required to help develop and implement their individual pro-social impact investment and philanthropy programs within health and the life sciences. Cavendish Global provides family offices with a number of innovative resources, which includes Cavendish Impact Forums.

A unique gathering of leading family offices, Cavendish Impact Forums take place three times each year; the next Forum is being co-hosted at leading research institutions of the community of La Jolla, California including The University of California San Diego, The J. Craig Venter Institute, The Scripps Research Institute, The Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, The Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, and The Institute of the Americas.  For more information:

About RepliCel
RepliCel is a regenerative medicine company focused on developing autologous cell therapies that address diseases caused by a deficit of healthy cells required for normal healing and function. The company’s RCT-01, RCS-01, and RCH-01 cell therapies are designed to treat chronic tendinosis, UV-damaged or aged skin, and pattern baldness. Shiseido has an exclusive license for RCH-01 in certain Asian countries including Japan, China and South Korea.

All product candidates are based on RepliCel’s innovative technology utilizing cell populations isolated from a patient’s own healthy hair follicles. The company is also developing a propriety injection device optimized for the administration of its products and licensable for use with other dermatology applications.  The Company’s product pipeline is comprised of multiple clinical trials anticipated to launch through 2015, in addition to Shiseido’s own clinical trial of RCH-01 and the device in late prototype development. Please visit for additional information.