R3 Stem Cell Now Offering Aesthetics Training

R3 Stem Cell Now Offering Extensive Aesthetics Training

R3 Stem Cell Now Offering Extensive Aesthetics Training as Part of its Stem Cell Training Course

R3 Stem Cell is now offering extensive training for aesthetics procedures at its first rate Stem Cell Training Course in Las Vegas. Training includes facial rejuvenation, hair restoration and erectile dysfunction procedures for both men and women. As regenerative procedures explode in popularity nationwide for aesthetics, having the training from expert, Board Certified providers is critical to instilling confidence and success for the attendees.

The aesthetics training occurs in conjunction with comprehensive technique training for extremity and spine procedures, IV, intranasal and nebulizer applications as well. Each attendee receives a real regenerative cell therapy procedure utilizing umbilical cord tissue, which incorporates growth factors, stem cells and exosomes.

Also, each attendee receives a facial rejuvenation procedure if desired. That way, providers can relay their experiences with potential regenerative patients.

“With over 30 Centers of Excellence offering regenerative cell therapies, R3 is the nation’s leader with over 10,000 successful regenerative procedure having been performed, If you include PRP, we are over 50,000! Who better to learn from than our experts?,” said R3 Founder and CEO Dr. David Greene.

Along with the procedure techniques, attendees also learn the latest sales and stem cell marketing techniques. This includes the entire patient journey with education on scripting, role playing, retargeting and artificial intelligence.

Added Dr. Greene, “When R3 implemented artificial intelligence for our nationwide practice Partners, our ability to focus on the applicable target market has reduced patient acquisition costs by over 30%. No other regenerative company has made the type of investment we have for our Centers of Excellence to help them succeed. What good is learning the techniques if practices have no patients?”

The physician trainers at the R3 Stem Cell Training Course represent veritable All Stars in regenerative medicine. The training encompasses the complete “Patient Journey” with marketing, sales, procedure techniques and also imaging skills and supplement protocols. Questions are encouraged, with plenty of time for one on one teaching. With the full breadth of education, the course is perfect not only for providers but also practice administrators and marketers too.

If attendees subsequently desire to become an R3 Partner, there is a special offer at the course with several top industry vendors in attendance too. Added Dr. Greene, “After so many thousands of successful, safe procedures, we only work with vetted products and trainers. This includes the biologics, supplements and devices that are top of the line and provide doctors and patients the best outcomes possible. Patients deserve that! When providers train with us, they learn from trainers who are the best at what they do, period.”

Adjectives that have been used to describe the training experience include “comprehensive”, “phenomenal”, “fun”, “memorable” and “superior”. The fact that each attendee receives a real regenerative procedure adds to the experience as well, so that provider can incorporate the experience into patient interactions.

For more information and to sign up for the course, visit http://stemcelltrainingcourse.org

R3 Stem Cell Now Offering Extensive Aesthetics Training as Part of its Stem Cell Training Course


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