Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Feature on Yelp’s List of Top 10 Best Bay Area Hair Loss Clinics

Post on Hair Grafts in the Bay Area

Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Post on Hair Grafts in the Bay Area and Hair Specialists

Silicon Valley Hair Institute supports Bay Area residents who suffer from hair loss, both male and female. The company is announcing a new post on hair restoration options and evaluating hair graft costs in the Bay Area.

Silicon Valley Hair Institute (SVHI), a team of highly trained professionals for hair restoration in the Bay Area at, is proud to announce a new post on hair restoration and options, including so-called hair grafts.

The reality is that many consumers get confused because there are so many terms and options, including “hair grafts” and misleading cost comparisons.

The post explains the need to consult a hair loss specialist and get a 360-degree view of one’s hair restoration needs.

“Unfortunately, both men and women who suffer from hair loss can fixate on micro-issues, such as the alleged cost of hair grafts or whether they should use a hair transplant or other technique,” explained Dr. Miguel Canales, hair loss surgeon for SVHI. “The best course of action is to reach out to a medical doctor and get a 360-degree evaluation of one’s hair restoration options, plus an explanation of terms such as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), ARTAS, hair grafts, and even PRP for hair loss.”

The post can be read at

The post explains many common questions and recommends that a person consult a physician. Those who want to dig deeper can also consult the PRP for hair loss microsite at, and those who have skincare issues can consult the aesthetic dermatology site at


The Silicon Valley Hair Institute (, under the leadership of top-rated California hair transplant surgeon Miguel Canales MD, is one of the best facilities offering San Francisco Bay Area hair restoration. It is a professional team of San Francisco hair specialists led by Dr. Canales. Dr. Canales provides the full range of advanced hair transplant and hair restoration procedures for Bay Area residents, from San Francisco to Palo Alto to San Jose.

Treatments include robotic hair transplants, FUE/FUT surgery, and micro-pigmentation. If one needs a hair transplant specialist, look no further than this Bay Area hair transplant center.

The clinic provides both San Jose FUE transplant and San Francisco FUE transplant services. Dr. Canales also performs female hair transplants for women and eyebrow restoration, thus, offering the best hair transplant and robotic hair replacement options.

Silicon Valley Hair Institute Announces Post on Hair Grafts in the Bay Area and Hair Specialists


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