FUE Hair Transplant Punch

Patent Infringement Regarding FUE Hair Transplant Punch

Dr. Sanusi Umar of Dr. U Devices Inc. Files a Lawsuit Against Dr. Jean Devroye and Devroye Instruments, Inc. for Patent Infringement Regarding FUE Hair Transplant Punch

Dr. Sanusi Umar, the owner of the Dr. U Devices Inc., which is the maker of the Dr. UGraft and Dr. UPunch Hair Transplantation Equipment with several patents for tools used in follicle unit extraction (FUE) hair restoration, today announced that he has filed a complaint against Dr. Jean Devroye and Devroye Instruments, Inc. in Federal District Court in Germany.

The complaint asserts that Dr. Devroye and Devroye Instruments sell a device, which is commonly sold under the trademarks WAW Punch and Trumpet Punch, that infringes a patent owned by Dr. Umar.  The patent generally relates to a hair punch that can efficiently remove hair follicles from a patient’s scalp with minimal harm to the hair grafts.

“Dr. U Devices Inc. prides itself for outside-the-box thinking which has culminated in several patented technologies in the hair transplant industry,” explained Dr. Umar.  “Other surgeons have reached out to me asking to buy some of the equipment I have patented.  They do not want to face liability for patent infringement by purchasing infringing punches.”

Dr. Umar expounded, “Our patented punches and FUE hair transplant technology required about 10 years of research and development that culminated in several publications in major peer reviewed journals and many issued patents throughout the world.

The result is the ultimate FUE technology that is affordable, portable and has in many ways cut down on the learning curve required to perform both basic and advanced FUE including FUE extractions from the head, nape, body, beard and stubborn Afro-textured hair.  It is investments like that which inventors make to bring about change in industries and the status quo.  It is why patents should be respected.”

The sole licensed distributor of the patented Dr. UGraft and Dr. UPunch Advanced FUE Hair Transplantation Punch Equipment is Ellis Instruments, Inc. of Madison, New Jersey. Additionally, orders can be placed directly on the internet through https://ugraft.com/ where up-to-date information on Dr. UGraft and Dr. UPunch technologies can be found.

Dr. Umar cautioned, “Buyers should also be aware of fake UGraft and UPunch devices in the marketplace.  Genuine tools have distinctive logos on them and any tool that is not purchased from one of these authorized outlets is likely a pirated fake imitation.”

Dr. Umar continued, “To encourage innovation many countries have established a patent system to incentivize creativity and protect the rights of inventors who often go through extraordinary hardship to bring their dreams into reality.  I filed this lawsuit only after it became clear that Dr. Devroye was using aspects of my technology to sell hair punches around the world.”

Dr. Umar seeks monetary damages, injunctive relief and statutory fees and costs in the German lawsuit.  Dr. Umar reports that additional investigations are ongoing regarding other potentially infringing devices worldwide and he will file additional infringement claims if further acts of infringement are discovered.