Ovation Hair Announces the Debut of the Curl System

Ovation Hair Announces the Debut of the Curl System

Ovation Hair Announces the Debut of the Curl System

D.C. Labs, a nationwide provider of the luxurious Ovation Cell Therapy® Hair & Scalp Treatment launches the latest addition to their line of hair care systems – the Curl Collection.

The 3 part Ovation Hair Curl System is perfect for naturally wavy and curly hair types seeking to de-frizz and define their locks. Each Curl System includes the sulfate free Curl Shampoo perfect for a gentle cleanse, the Cell Therapy Hair & Scalp Treatment – the key to thicker, stronger, longer hair and the Curl Conditioner to hydrate strands, keeping curls smooth. The Curl System is available in the full 12 oz. size or a trial 6 oz. size.

Ovation Hair formulated the Curl Shampoo and Conditioner to address the needs of kinky, curly hair. Each hydrating product includes natural extracts and oils including Argan Oil, Broccoli Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter and Marshmallow Extract for added moisture, softness, shine and slip.

“We are proud to launch the Curl System,” explains Dallas Van Kempen, CEO at Ovation Hair. “Our customers have been asking for a curly hair line and after extensive research and development were able to deliver an amazing Curl Collection into our current line of Cell Therapy Systems.”

Ovation Cell Therapy Hair and Scalp Treatment’s proprietary formula delivers high levels of vital proteins, key vitamins, botanical extracts and amino acids to the hair and scalp, resulting in reduced breakage.

Cell Therapy is designed to be used a few times a week for thicker, stronger, longer- healthier hair, after your shampoo and followed by your conditioner. Cell Therapy has been clinically proven to reduce hair breakage by over 80% after just one use

Based on a consumer perception test after 4 weeks of Cell Therapy use:

  •      100% of participants reported healthier hair.
  •      97% of participants reported more bounce and volume.
  •      97% of participants reported more luster and shine.
  •      93% of participants reported more manageable hair

To purchase the Ovation Hair Curl System visit: https://www.ovationhair.com/Ovation-Hair-Products/Ovation-Hair-Curl-System/Ovation-Hair-Curl

About Ovation Hair®

The philosophy of Ovation Hair is to meet clients’ high expectations with quality, nourishing and rejuvenating products that demonstrate proven effectiveness. Ovation Hair has been helping clients achieve healthy hair since 2007. Their flagship product, Ovation Cell Therapy is proven to deliver thicker, stronger, longer hair. Ovation products include high quality ingredients, demonstrated to be safe and effective to create healthy hair. For more information please visit https://www.ovationhair.com

Ovation Hair Announces the Debut of the Curl System