Nourish Beaute Announcing New Help In Solving Hair Loss With Their Biotin Shampoo

Biotin Hair Loss ShampooNourish Beaute, an Aspen, CO-based health and beauty company, is announcing the availability of new help in solving hair loss with their latest product.

The company has released their biotin hair loss shampoo on Amazon, which contains an all natural, patented European growth formula.

The shampoo is said to support hair regrowth, even for people with alopecia. Since its release, the product has already received numerous positive reviews.



Nourish Beaute representative Cynthia Ferrara says, “Our shampoo is designed to support the natural process of the body that encourages hair growth. As a regrowth treatment, it has already had a lot of successes and we really hope that more people will be able to experience its many benefits.”

The product has gone through many clinical trials. These have proven that it helps to increase hair growth by 121%.

Furthermore, it reduces hair loss by 47%. As a regrowth treatment, therefore, it is more effective than any other similar product on the market today.

The company is also very proud of the fact that it is made entirely in the USA. It contains castor oil and coconut oil, which are completely natural.

No element of the product has gone through animal testing. The facility in which the shampoo is made is also fully FDA approved.

The product has also been designed to help people with alopecia, an illness whereby the immune system considers the hair follicles to be foreign bodies and attacks them.

It is also very common in people who have thyroid issues and causes significant hair loss, sometimes leading to full baldness. Those who have tried the product have mentioned how it is able to resolve these issues.

Chelsea M. says, “I have a thyroid issue I have been dealing with and unfortunately with that my hair has thinned and fallen out. I washed my hair right away and after the first wash, my hair felt different in a good way.

Softer, more manageable and thicker! It had a bounce and the frizzy, limp sad hair I have had finally felt like life was put back into it…after each wash, more life!”

Since the clinical trials have conclusively demonstrated the positive effects of this shampoo, it is hoped more people will be able to enjoy it.