Non-Profit Canadian Hair Loss Foundation To Raise Money For Hair Loss Research and Education

Canadian Institute of Hair and Scalp Specialists In hopes of fueling more high quality research in hair loss and educating Canadian physicians and the general public about hair loss, a new non-profit organization has been established in Canada.

The Canadian Hair Loss Foundation (CHLF) will collect public donations and optimally reassign the funds in order to provide hair loss researchers with grants to support hair loss research performed here in Canada.




The second mandate of the CHLF is to help educate both the public and health care practitioners about hair loss and effective treatments.

For many people, hair loss is an emotional subject. It is also extremely heterogeneous subject, in that there are over 100 different reasons for hair loss.

Although genetic hair loss is one of the most common and easily recognized causes of hair loss in men and women, numerous other causes are possible.

The Canadian Hair Loss Foundation announced today that Canadian dermatologist and hair loss specialist Dr. Jeff Donovan will serve as foundation president.

Dr. Donovan is a board-certified dermatologist specializing in hair loss and hair transplantation. He is Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and is Medical Director at Donovan Medical in Toronto.

“We have listened to patients, their families, to health care providers and to researchers in the field of hair loss,” remarked Dr. Donovan. “The Canadian Hair Loss Foundation will serve not only as a voice of Canadians with hair loss but also an instrument to bring about improvement and change for Canadians with various types of hair loss. Research and education are our top priorities.”

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Interviews can be arranged with Dr. Donovan at or by contacting the foundation.