The Non Drug Approach At Clive Hair Clinics

The Non Drug Approach At Clive Hair ClinicsThe non-drug approach at Clive Hair Clinics is the core difference between their clinics and most other hair centres.

Not only do they offer non-drug treatments, but they provide natural alternatives to the widely available prescription drugs, which are known to have an equally wide range of possible side effects.

Exclusive to Clive Hair Clinics are their Home Formulae Treatments, which are, naturally, a non-drug treatment. Their consultants recommend this treatment to assist in the strengthening of weak hair follicles and roots through the action of creating follicle movement within the scalp.

The movement is created over a four week period using different non-drug formulations that first allow the follicles to relax, letting them get deeper in the dermis.

Next, blood is attracted into the roots and the follicles contracted while blood vessels are drawn into that area. This action results in the root drawing more blood capillaries into themselves.

Home Formulae Treatments can help attract minerals indicated as deficient in hair mineral analysis, or aid the removal of toxins that could be blocking blood supplies and/or causing stress to the hair roots.

Normally Hair Formulae Treatments continue over an eight month period, or even longer if it is deemed necessary, before the results can be determined.

Incremental steps assist hair roots to lodge at the deeper blood areas where they will remain, subject to genetic factors. Clive Hair Clinics also recommend the use of SF Alpha5 range – particularly Kankho sprays to use in the long term for treating genetic predispositions towards hair loss.

Another non-drug approach is the use of low level laser therapy (LLLT) which is the application of light to promote regeneration and reduce inflammation.

The light is typically of narrow spectral width in the red or near infrared. It is typically applied for a minute or so, a few times a week for several weeks.

Unlike other medical laser procedures, LLLT is not a heating or incinerating process, but rather a photochemical effect comparable to photosynthesis in plants whereby the light is absorbed and exerts a chemical change.

Clive Hair Clinics are the longest established hair loss treatment company in New Zealand, providing trusted service to their clients for over 50 years. They are New Zealand owned and operated, and travel regularly to most major centres to consult with people concerned about hair loss.

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