Nolopecia for Hair Loss

Nolopecia, a Revolutionary Herbal Treatment for Hair-Loss and Balding, Introduced by Lilac Corp

Lilac Corp is happy to announce the launch of Nolopecia, a new herbal treatment for hair-loss and balding.  Lilac Corp is the company that sells the highly acclaimed Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin.

Dr. Hanan Polansky and his team from the Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease discovered that latent viruses increase the production of the two proteins associated with the development of hairloss and balding in both men and women, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and the androgen receptor (AR).

Nolopecia for Hair Loss

Following this discovery, Lilac Corp developed Nolopecia, a natural treatment that targets the latent viruses that modify the levels of DHT and AR.  Controlling the number of latent viruses helps maintain normal levels of these two proteins, resulting in normal hair growth.

Nolopecia targets the latent viruses in the body.  This helps the body maintain normal levels of the 5α-R, DHT, and AR proteins, which stimulates hair growth.

There are many treatments for hairloss.

However, only Nolopecia targets the latent viruses that cause the increase in 5α-R, DHT, and AR in both men and women.

About Nolopecia for hair loss

Nolopecia comes in a form of a capsule taken twice a day orally.  This product is unique.  It is the only product on the market that targets latent viruses, which according to Dr. Hanan Polansky, cause most cases of hairloss and balding (androgenic alopecia).

Lilac Corp is pleased to invite interested individuals to try this revolutionary product.  Nolopecia can be ordered on the product website at