New Motivational Book Written by Owner of Scalp Aesthetics is Set for Release in Summer 2014

scalp-logoBryce Cleveland, the owner, creator and CEO of micro pigmentation company Scalp Aesthetics, has a new book slated for release this summer. “Head to Heart” is about his personal journey from a man losing his hair, to his success as a business owner.

The book offers advice to readers on how they, too, can be successful.

“Head to Heart” will serve as a motivational tool for any person looking to educate themselves on what it takes to make self-improvements, whether to their business lives, or self-image.

“To be able to see this business grow from an idea, and turn into so many ventures that I believe in and am proud to stand behind, is very humbling and I am grateful for everyone that has supported me and been a part of this experience,” said Cleveland.

Though it contains the lessons Cleveland has learned in business and in life, the book is intended to be more than just a motivational tool.

It’s also meant to inform others and bring more awareness to the Scalp Aesthetics Technique, an alternative hair loss treatment which has grown in popularity over the past several years.

In order to help readers become more educated, the book also features a “What’s the Lingo” section that provides key terms and definitions commonly used in the hair restoration industry.

“Head to Heart” already has people excited. Past clientele are looking forward to a book that will help cement them in what it truly means to be a SCALPA — an individual who has triumphed over their hair loss.

Newcomers will be able to gain a sense of security from the book’s tale, showing them that everyone can grow, share, and teach what they’ve been able to achieve while informing them about their treatment options.

The book is a natural part of the Scalp Aesthetic’s growth, celebrating the company’s ability to blossom and become a genuine brand name. Recently, Scalp Aesthetics took its customizable treatment and transformed it into a new line of fragrances and lotions, allowing clients to fully partake in the micro pigmentation lifestyle.

“Head to Heart” will be available on major retail websites like,, and this summer.
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