New iRestore Hair System Launches During Hair Loss Awareness Month

New iRestore Hair System Launches During Hair Loss Awareness Month

To combat hair loss and the emotional struggle faced by those with thinning hair, Freedom Laser Therapy has launched the iRestore Hair Growth System, an FDA-cleared device that treats hair loss and promotes hair growth in the comfort of one’s own home.

The launch coincides with National Hair Loss Awareness Month in August, a month dedicated to educating about hair loss and promoting hair growth options.

The iRestore Hair Growth System is a medical device that treats balding and thinning hair for men and women using clinical-strength lasers a red luminous LEDs to stimulate miniaturized and dormant hair follicles, providing a drug-free method to combat premature hair loss.

“By the age of 50, roughly 85 percent of men have significant thinning hair, and 40 percent of American hair loss sufferers are women.

For those suffering from hair loss — as I have myself — it can be extremely impactful to their self-image and confidence,” said Craig Nabat, CEO of Freedom Laser Therapy. “For those who want to grow more hair or simply improve hair quality and volume, Hair Loss Awareness Month is a great time to consider how to better their hair and find that iRestore is here to help.

I’ve seen time and time again the improvement in quality of life experienced by iRestore users. It’s truly remarkable.”

The hands-free device can be used to improve the overall appearance for almost anyone suffering from early stages of hair loss.

In addition, iRestore can be utilized to maintain results and promote accelerated healing after a hair transplant surgery and improve hair condition.

For individuals who currently use drug-based hair loss treatment methods like the topical spray Minoxidil or pill Finasteride, the iRestore may be used in conjunction to maximize results.

iRestore debuted to approximately 30,000 B2B beauty attendees at Cosmoprof North America on July 24th, 2016.

The Cosmoprof show is one of the largest beauty shows in the world, the recap video can be viewed here.

 iRestore comes from Freedom Laser Therapy, the makers of the home-use Freedom Quit Smoking System which offers a revolutionary answer to smokers by allowing them to quit smoking without nicotine, drugs, or side effects.
The stop smoking kit features a mind and body entrancing Relaxation Headset and a homeopathic Craving Relief Spray that help smokers overcome the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

To learn more about iRestore, visit the website and watch the video on how this cutting-edge light technology works.

The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is available online on Amazon and through mail order catalog websites such as Sharper Image, beauty stores, laser hair therapy clinics, hair transplant clinics and high end hair salons.

Who knows, maybe even Donald Trump could benefit from iRestore to keep his signature mane?

About Freedom Laser Therapy

Freedom Laser Therapy is a Los Angeles-based company that develops and markets cutting-edge light therapy products that improve consumer health and beauty.

Freedom Laser Therapy was founded by CEO Craig Nabat who, having struggled with hair loss and quitting smoking, was determined to find solutions to his problems — and so he did with the iRestore Hair Growth System and Freedom Quit Smoking System. Nabat is a serial entrepreneur and was featured as the October 2015 cover story of Inventors Digest.

A former smoker, Nabat used low-level laser therapy (LLLT) to overcome his nicotine addiction. His own success and his mission to help others break free from addiction led to the establishment of Freedom Laser Therapy, the quit smoking clinic, in 2003. Since then, more than 10,000 smokers have been treated in a clinical setting for their smoking addiction. Now Nabat turns his focus toward bringing clinical-strength hair growth technology to the mass in the form of the home-use iRestore. Freedom Laser Therapy has been featured by The Doctors TV, Access Hollywood, Huffington Post, VH1, TLC, Fox News, and CBS.

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