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New Guide to Eyebrow Transplantation

Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic Publishes New Guide to Eyebrow Transplantation

Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic, the area’s leading “no scalpel, no suture” hair transplant specialist, published a unique new guide at melbournehairtransplant.com.au.

With thicker, fuller eyebrows once again in fashion and sported proudly by celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Emma Watson, many are looking into ways of achieving such results themselves.

As the new guide details, through an eyebrow transplant Melbourne residents can go far beyond what mere make-up, tattooing, or other approaches can offer.

By making use of the same follicular unit extraction technique that powers the clinic’s famously successful FUE hair transplant work, Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic can endow anyone with permanently bold, attractive eyebrows with a minimum of fuss, discomfort, or recovery time.

“The eyes might be the windows to the soul, but the eyebrows receive nearly as much attention,” Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic founder Dr. Peter Paraskevas said,

“The thin, heavily plucked, overly sculpted eyebrows that were the norm in years past have given way to a far more natural, fuller, and bolder look.

Thanks to advantages inherent in follicular unit extraction approach, anyone can have the kind of bold, full eyebrows that have become so fashionable.

Unfortunately, many women and men alike suffer from loss of hair in this area, whether as a result of overly aggressive plucking, congenital factors, or outright illness.

Our new guide details how anyone can achieve attractive, lush eyebrows with our low-impact, walk-in, walk-out FUE transplant procedure.”

The first human hair transplants were performed well over a hundred years ago, with the surgeons of the day crudely cutting out and replanting large swathes of the scalp at once.

Over the many decades that have followed, the state of the art has advanced steadily, with researchers continually searching for and finding ways of targeting smaller, more precisely focused patches of hair-producing skin.

Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic is a leading provider of the most advanced form of hair transplantation of all. Known as “follicular unit extraction,” and often referred to in the abbreviated form “FUE,” the technique that enables the clinic’s services allows a trained professional to select and transplant individual groups of follicles.

Moving as few as three or four cells at a time in this way, Dr. Peter Paraskevas and others trained in this extremely precise technique can deliver permanent results with only local anesthesia and an absolute minimum of side effects.

As the new Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic guide shows, this revolutionary approach to hair transplantation can be every bit as effective for those seeking fuller eyebrows as when it is applied to improve scalp coverage.

The new guide details who might be interested in this option, what kinds of results can be expected, and other important facts.

The guide is online now at the Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic website, where visitors will find a range of other useful, interesting information.

About Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic:

Employing a scalpel- and suture-free technique known as follicular unit extraction, Melbourne Hair Transplant Clinic delivers the best in hair restoration results in ways that leave patients ready to live life to the fullest.

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