New extract from fern effective for hair loss

New extract from fern effective for hair loss

New extract from fern effective for hair loss

A research team at Korea University College of Medicine and GHPharm has founded a new hair loss treatment candidate in wild fern and applied for a patent after a joint study.

The research team, led by Professor Park Gil-hong, isolated and refined pterosin derivatives from fern rootstock extract, and verified the substance’s therapeutic effect on hair loss and enhancing hair growth through animal experiments.

Professor Park Gil-hong of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Korea University College of Medicine

The researchers completely removed hair follicles of animal models and applied the hot water extracts of fern and pterosin derivatives for two weeks.

As a result, the group applied with 0.001 per cent w/v (weight per volume) pterosin derivative showed 80 to 100 per cent hair growth, while only 10 per cent of the control group displayed hair growth.


The result means that the hair has grown to the same level as the positive control group applied with a commercial hair growth agent, 5 per cent minoxidil main ingredient. In particular, pteroside N, which was discovered in the natural world through joint research with Gyeonggi Province Business and Science Accelerator, found to have the best hair growth efficacy.

Hair loss refers to the loss of thick, dark hair in areas where hair should normally be present. Alopecia areata and baldness are the most common symptoms. Losing hair causes serious mental stress as well as physical problems worldwide, in all times and places, and modern people are increasingly experiencing hair loss due to excessive social stress.

In modern days, active treatment for hair loss is possible through hair implant and drugs. However, the implant is costly, and a limited number of the hair follicle is available, and for medication, two drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration are being used.

The pterosin compound found by the team is a natural extract with little irritation and side effects. If the compound could be developed as a treatment, it is expected to be spotlighted by alopecia patients who have been reluctant to receive treatment due to the side effects, the research team said.

The researchers also said they expect the new substance will create high added value as it is used for goods such as food and cosmetics that prevent hair loss and enhance hair growth.

“Natural compounds extracted from brackens proved to be effective on hair growth through a controlled study of animal experiments,” Professor Park said. “We hope the compound will be developed as effective treatments for hair loss with little toxicity or side effects.”

New extract from fern effective for hair loss


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