NeoGraft for Hair Growth in Men & Women

NeoGraft for Hair Growth in Men and Women

Philip S. Schoenfeld’s practice now offering NeoGraft for Hair Growth in Men & Women

Dr. Philip S. Schoenfeld now offers NeoGraft as a hair harvesting method for hair growth in men and women. Dr. Schoenfeld’s practice, which provides surgical and non-surgical cosmetic treatments to patients, is dedicated to empowering its clientele while remaining in step with the most innovative methods in the space. The inclusion of the hair harvesting technique into his practice’s offerings coincides with Dr. Schoenfeld’s 23rd year of offering top-level cosmetic surgery to patients from across the world.

With hair loss being a problem experienced by 80% of men and almost half of women, consumers seek acceptable solutions. Procedures such as NeoGraft that aim to help people with hair loss continue to evolve to provide better results.

The importance of finding a top-level cosmetic surgeon to implement the most effective procedure cannot be overstated. Hair harvesting for hair growth solves many of the shortcomings that other methods are accompanied by. Known as Neograft, the surgeon harvests single hair follicles or small clusters of two to three follicles.

Follicular unit extraction takes hair from the donor area and places them in the area where the patient needs coverage. By harvesting hair in this manner, there is no need for conspicuous scars in the back of the head. This gives patients the flexibility to style or cut their hair without revealing the unsightly incisions that other methods leave behind.

With Artful Medicine being his practice’s motto and modus operandi, Dr Schoenfeld’s patients find that the technical prowess exhibited by the professionals at the RENU by Dr Schoenfeld transcends into art. Philip Schoenfeld, MD offers life-changing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to patients.

The impact of the work Dr Schoenfeld does is apparent in the results he achieves for clients as well as the smiles he puts on the faces of the recipients of his volunteerism. Beyond his work for clients, Dr. Philip S. Schoenfeld gives back to the community by participating in the Academy of Plastic Surgery’s Face to Face program. This program provides much-needed free care to disfigured victims of domestic violence.

Dr Schoenfeld has built his expertise in hair restoration by following a path of high-level academia and extensive hands-on work. Having received his undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Hobart College, Dr. Schoenfeld earns his medical degree from New York Medical College and does his residency at the Walter Reed Medical Center. He is renowned as a teacher and an innovator that strives to provide the greatest results medical technology can offer.

Philip S. Schoenfeld, MD is a double board-certified doctor in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery, and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is respected by patients and peers for his dedication to providing optimal results for clients and less fortunate community members.

To contact Dr. Schoenfeld regarding the Neograft procedure, fill out the contact form on his website. His staff is eager to assist you in arranging an appointment.

Philip S. Schoenfeld’s practice now offering NeoGraft for Hair Growth in Men & Women


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