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More Naturally to Turn On Your Hair and Reinvent the Approach to Thinning Hair and Hair Loss at the Same Time

More Naturally Sets Out to “Turn On Your Hair” and Reinvent the Approach to Thinning Hair and Hair Loss at the Same Time

More Naturally, Inc. is set to shake up the 3.6 billion U.S. hair loss industry. In recent years, research has shown that the most common cause of hair loss, andro-genetic alopecia, works on shutting down the follicle and for years doctors and scientists have been trying to find a way to “switch” the follicle back on into the growing phase. More Naturally, Inc. believes it has found the answer in its new product: Hair & Scalp Synergy™.

“We feel this may be the most significant advancement on the issue of thinning hair to come around since the accidental discovery of prostate meds having a positive side effect of hair growth,” commented More Naturally President, Brian Reichenberg.

For centuries people have been looking for a way to reverse hair loss. To reset the clock back to the teenage years when no matter what you did to your hair it would just grow and grow. Up to this point a reset like this has not been possible, but science has come a long way over the last 100 years and we now know a lot about hair loss and what makes hair grow.

One of the more exciting discoveries answered the question, “Why, even if our follicles are healthy, does the rate and speed of hair growth slow down as we age?” Hair growth has a three stage life cycle, a growth, a resting and a shedding phase. As we age the growth stage gets shorter and shorter while the shedding phase gets longer and longer. So how do we reverse that? How do we extend the growth phase and reduce the shedding phase? It was from this question that the new Hair & Scalp Synergy was born.

“We had to examine every component of the hair and scalp to determine what that specific part was that needed to be helped and revived. We then set out to source the individual ingredients needed for each component of the hair and scalp and then find a way to combine them all into one product,” says president Brian Reichenberg.

The result is the all new Hair & Scalp Synergy™. With natural ingredients sourced from all over the world, Hair & Scalp Synergy™ is a powerful combination of multi-complex enzymes, proteins, plant stem cells and botanical extracts brought together to help activate and ignite the spark which brings your hair and scalp back to life. “It’s basically lightning in a bottle designed to help very specific parts of the hair and scalp support thicker, fuller looking hair growth,” says Brian.

Nothing like the Hair & Scalp Synergy exists on the market.  Previously, More Naturally Inc. has exclusively focused on advanced stem cell technology to help heal the hair with its signature product More Hair Naturally® 9. The combination of that product and the new Hair & Scalp Synergy™ creates a one-two punch of “fix and fire up.”

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More naturally Company Sets Out to “Turn On Your Hair” and Reinvent the Approach to Thinning Hair and Hair Loss at the Same Time



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