More Hair Naturally 9 with stem cells

More Hair Naturally 9 with stem cells

Stem Cell Technology is Changing The Way People Deal With Hair Loss

More Hair Naturally®, based in Los Angeles, California, has released More Hair Naturally® 9, a topical, stem cell-based product designed to fight thinning hair.

Because of the regenerative science of stem cells, thicker, fuller looking hair is possible without drugs or potential side effects. This is a first in the hair care industry.

More Hair Naturally® 9 with stem cells. A completely modern approach to thinning hair. Thicker, fuller looking hair is possible.

President Brian Reichenberg states: “We were looking for a solution to thinning hair, something which did not involve drugs. Something new, as all the drug solutions out there are using science that is over 30 years old. We knew there had to be great leaps and strides achieved in the last 30 years with the science of hair loss, but what were they? So, we started searching science journals from all over the world to find out what new science is out there. We kept noticing certain key ingredients kept coming up, producing amazing results in labs. Among those recurring ingredients were 3 specific types of stem cells, as well as certain other amino acid combinations. So we said to ourselves, ‘What if we took all these amazing, natural ingredients and combined them into one product?’… and that’s exactly what we did.”

More Hair Naturally contains the most innovative and powerful ingredients available in the battle against thinning hair. All natural, with no side effects. After 3 years on the market, Mr. Reichenberg says, “We knew what we had was good, but we didn’t realize quite how good! The results our clients have been sharing with us – men, women, young and old – have been blowing us away.”

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Some of the ingredients they discovered, which are contained in More Hair Naturally® 9, at their full clinical levels, are listed below.

3 Types – Human (adult, adiposed derived), mountain ginseng root and bamboo sprouts.
These are considered to be the top three and most effective. Stem cells create other stem cells as well as help specialized cells for various functions.

A synergistic blend of 4 molecules that stimulate stem cell improvement which energizes the anagen (growth) phase of the hair.

Contains a specific peptide and extract that acts as a DHT (the medically recognized cause of hair loss) inhibitor, reduces inflammation and improves the ECM proteins (provides support to the surrounding cells) used to help create collagen, laminins (anchoring fibers) and other functions.

This carefully made complex from baicalin, soy and wheat sprouts improves the condition of follicular cells, extends and helps improve the anagen phase and acts as an antioxidant.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)
Peptides – 3 different types
Probiotic complex

More Hair Naturally 9 with stem cells


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