Mereltä Unveils First Annual Truth about Hair and Scalp Care Survey

Mereltä Unveils First Annual Truth about Hair and Scalp Care Survey

Mereltä Unveils First Annual “Truth about Hair and Scalp Care” Survey Results

Mereltä, a hair care brand rooted in science and inspired by nature, today released the findings of its first annual “Truth about Hair and Scalp Care” survey. With a goal of uncovering trends on how Americans 40 and older feel about and take care of their hair, the survey, conducted by SurveyMonkey Audience and commissioned by Mereltä, found that consumers are highly concerned about their hair, but are not taking the necessary steps to address the concern to improve their hair and scalp health.

Americans Over 40 Are Concerned About Hair Thinning and Loss

Sixty-two percent of Americans ages 40 and older identified they are concerned about losing and/or thinning hair. When asked, “what is your biggest hair/scalp concern?” both men and women identified “hair thinning” and “hair loss” as major concerns. Broken down by gender, the survey results show 34 percent of men selected “hair loss” and 32 percent selected “hair thinning” as their biggest hair/scalp concern. For women, 33 percent of respondents selected “hair thinning” and 26 percent selected “hair loss” as their biggest hair/scalp concern.

Despite the Concerns, Americans Are Reluctant To Talk About It

Of the 62 percent of Americans concerned about losing and/or thinning hair, the majority of respondents (41 percent) answered: “I don’t talk to individuals about losing and/or thinning hair.” Of those who consult with individuals about losing and/or thinning hair, the survey found: 39 percent of women talk to “hair stylists/salon professionals;” whereas, 26 percent of men selected “friends and family.”

Americans Are Not Caring For Their Scalp When Trying To Improve Hair Health

Research shows that hair health depends on the health of the scalp. To ensure healthy hair growth, it’s imperative for consumers to treat their scalp and hair roots on a routine basis. Despite this, the survey found that 72 percent of Americans over 40 are not using scalp products to improve their hair. In fact, only 18 percent of Americans are “using or have used a hair loss, hair growth or hair regenerative product.” When selecting products to take care of hair, the survey found the below products as the most common:

  • Overall, 93 percent of respondents selected “shampoo,” followed by 73 percent who selected “conditioner.”
  • Broken down by gender, 94 percent of women use shampoo versus 84 percent of men.
  • Comparably, 84 percent of women use conditioner versus 58 percent of men.
  • Only 19 percent of women use scalp treatments (i.e. serum, cream, oil, etc.) compared to only 10 percent of men.

The Current State of Hair Care in America

When asked, “if there is one thing you could change about your hair, what would it be?” Both men and women selected “more volume” and “more thickness” as their primary change. Broken down by gender, the results show:

  • 23 percent of women selected “more thickness,” followed by 21 percent selected “more volume” and 11 percent selected “hairstyle (i.e. curly, straight, wavy, etc.).”
  • In comparison, 21 percent of men selected “more volume,” followed by 19 percent who selected “more thickness” and 8 percent said, “hairstyle (i.e. curly, straight, wavy, etc.).”

As for top factors that matter most to Americans over 40 when selecting hair care products, the survey found price (59 percent), ingredients (40 percent) and brand (29 percent) to be the leading factors. When asked “How much money (on average) does one spend monthly on basic hair care products,” the survey found: 52 percent of respondents selected a price range of $1-$20, followed by 26 percent who selected $21-$40 and 9 percent that selected $41-$60.

“The survey results underscore the need for consumers to invest in and take care of their scalp if they want to prevent hair loss in the future, and if they want to recover hair density and volume once thinning already started,” said Ligia Buzan, chief marketing officer at Mereltä. “The scalp is the source of hair and therefore nurturing the scalp promotes healthier and thicker hair strands long term. It’s critical that Americans 40 and older play an active role in treating, nourishing and revitalizing their scalp if they wish to grow and maintain thicker hair.”


Survey Methodology

Commissioned by Mereltä, the “Truth about Hair and Scalp Care” survey was conducted by SurveyMonkey Audience, a global market research panel that provides access to over 50 million consumers in 100+ countries. Feedback was obtained from more than 1,000 U.S. adults over 40. The survey was conducted between May 24 – 25, 2019.

About Mereltä:

Mereltä, a hair care company, discovered special microalgae and developed the technology to create an anti-aging scalp treatment that reawakens the hair to its authentic fullness, giving women and men youthful, shimmering locks and helping restore the harmony of who they are – from the inside out. Root Renewal serum is a breakthrough plant-based discovery that nurtures the scalp, the source of hair, and transforms limp, fragile and thin hair into thicker, more voluminous hair with body and flow.

For more information, visit or follow Mereltä on Facebook and YouTube @Mereltä or on Instagram @Merelta_Hair.

Mereltä Unveils First Annual “Truth about Hair and Scalp Care” Survey Results


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New survey reveals Americans over 40 are concerned about losing and/or thinning hair but are not taking care of their scalp, the source of hair