LaserCap Laser Hair Therapy is Now Under New Management

LaserCap LCPRO for Laser Hair Therapy is Now Under New Management

LaserCap® is now under new management with a renewed focus.

With over 30 years in hair restoration, 15 of those focused specifically on Low Level Laser Hair Therapy, John Vincent is uniquely qualified for his position as President of LaserCap®.

John Vincent is one of the most knowledgeable and respected experts in the field of hair replacement today.

Originally as a hair replacement business owner, later as an executive in the largest clinic group of hair transplant surgeons in the world, and managing his own Laser Hair Therapy clinic in California, advising individuals with hair loss problems.

Today, John brings his knowledge and experience, along with having a dynamic team who will support those physicians who want to add profits to their business with Dr Michael Rabin’s LaserCap® devices.

In a nutshell, light therapy improves cellular respiration and function by stimulating the hair follicle cells. Better breathing cells, make for a better functioning hair follicle which, in turn, produces a happier, healthier hair.

LaserCap™® is the original take home laser device for laser hair therapy. Until recently this technology was only available through in-office devices, in hair clinics.

The LaserCap® LCPRO™ can be taken home, making it a much more effective treatment.

LaserCap® has been featured in over 125 CBS & Fox local news programs!

As well as being featured in Allure, Prevention, SELF, Architectural Digest, bon appetit, Conde Nast Traveler, and many more!

The LaserCap® was recently featured on CBS News where Dr. Keswani explains the benefits of using LLLT (low level laser therapy), please watch the LCPRO™ video for more information.

LaserCap® technology is revolutionizing how physicians treat hair loss today. The LaserCap® LCPRO™ is the holistic, luxury haircare device used to get dramatic results non-surgically.

We proudly manufacture LaserCap® products in Cleveland, USA under the expert guidance of our team of world-class leaders in Science, Engineering and Technology.

We take product quality seriously and customer service even more so.

LaserCap® products are built for comfort. The LCPRO™ is the best choice to treat hair loss and promote hair growth.

Visit the LaserCap® website at to learn more about the original take home laser hair therapy device.