Lasercap Announces a Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Solution With the Lasercap

lasercap hair lossNow that they can use this treatment they can address the hair thinning issues and ‘see-through look’.

The laser will thicken the existing hair and cause the scalp to appear to have more hair.”

In the magazine, Psychology Today, Dr. Vivian Diller discusses the importance of a woman’s hair to her self-esteem. In “The Psychology Behind a Good Hair Day”

Dr. Diller explores the link between women, their hair, and their self-esteem.

Studies have shown that a bad hair day, can impact a female’s day-to-day performance and personal life. Imagine if, due to hair loss and thinning, every day was a bad day.

The laser cap can help with hair loss and thinning problems, so everyday is a great hair day.

Implementation of Rob Angelino’s hair treatments will result in thicker hair. It is important to note that a laser will not promote growth where there is no hair.

Hair follicles must be present for new growth.

Lasercap’s strategy is simple. It uses Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) to convert Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) to Adenosine Diphoshate (ADP). This release will trigger a positive metabolic change.

This change is what promotes and encourages blood cell stimulation and oxygen nutrient scalp feeding. All of these reactions will result in thicker hair.

In 60 days, hair will be thicker and more luxurious. The Lasercap can be conveniently used while exercising or completing other physical activities.

It comes with an A/C power source, is international power adaptation friendly, and includes a handy carrying case. Rob Angelino proudly states, “We are happy to offer women a viable treatment solution since they are typically under served in this market.”

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